Joe and Ann Meet Old Friends and New in Sunny Naples, Florida

Kollegger Family

The Kollegger Family of Naples, Florida

Kathleen Sullivan, founder of Project Reality, and her husband, Jerry, moved from their suburban Chicago home to Naples, Florida in mid-2002. Having discovered “Paradise,” they invited Joe and Ann Scheidler to visit them for a few days respite from the Chicago winter. The Scheidlers arrived in Naples on March 13 and managed to cram a little relaxation and a lot of pro-life work into four days.

Medical Model PRC Saves Lives

On Monday, March 15, Kathleen arranged for the Scheidlers to meet Beth Chase, director of the CPCI pregnancy resource center (PRC). CPCI describes itself as a “Life-Affirming Medical Center.” The center was recently converted to a medical model PRC, with ultrasound on site and a full-time physician’s assistant on staff, as well as a medical director and prenatal care referrals.

Beth conducted a tour of the facility, which is not large, but is warm, welcoming and efficient. The administrators are hoping to move to larger quarters in the near future. Beth explained that as soon as the center added medical services, including testing for sexually transmitted diseases, they began to see more and more women who were abortion-minded, but changed their minds after a counseling session and ultrasound.

On Monday evening, as arranged by Amanda Harkins and Nicholas Eaton of the student pro-life organization, Joe spoke at Ave Maria University in Naples, to a gathering of students and pro-lifers from the area. Following the talk he joined university president Fr. Joseph Fessio in the evening Rosary walk around the campus.

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Abortion Victim Shares Story

On Tuesday afternoon, the Scheidlers and Sullivans visited with Carolyn Kollegger and her husband Erwin and their five charming children. Carolyn was a victim of abortion and shared her compelling story in a taped presentation that the Pro-Life Action League offered to its supporters two years ago. The Scheidlers had not met Carolyn in person prior to the Naples visit. The Kollegger children entertained the adult audience with a short, delightful violin recital.

Carolyn is eager to share her testimony about the debilitating effects of abortion and provided the Scheidlers with photos and written testimony to be worked into a pro-life brochure, which the League will produce. As the Scheidlers were leaving the Kollegger home, ten-year-old Zoe asked to read a poem she had written on the value of life. It was beautifully done, revealing a maturity well beyond her years. The children are home-schooled and their father, an interior designer, is currently building an addition to their home to accommodate the family’s home-school needs.

The short visit to Naples included opportunities to enjoy the company of the Sullivans and stroll the beaches and downtown streets of Naples, along with several delicious meals. On Tuesday evening the four watched election returns from Illinois, where the primaries had just been held. Kathleen had been heavily involved in politics while working in Illinois and keeps abreast of the doings in Springfield. In spite of her “retirement,” she is in touch daily with the Project Reality office, and has become involved in abstinence projects and other pro-life efforts in Naples.

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