Our Lady Overshadows Abortion Mill

OLNM Vigil

For nearly two whole days, a 33-foot tall statue of Our Lady of the New Millenium looked down on the parking lot of Albany Medical Surgical Center on Chicago’s northwest side, a notorious abortion mill. For 24 hours, a vigil was held at the foot of the statue, which is owned by Mrs. Francine Demma and displayed throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. Hundreds of pro-lifers came to spend a few hours praying for an end to abortion, and especially for the women bound for abortions at Albany.

Julie and Anna

Ana Esquivel and Julie McCreevy

The vigil began and ended with Mass at the Knanaya Catholic Center across the street from Albany, who also gave the use of their parking lot for mounting the statue. At least three babies were saved from abortion during the vigil, organized by Julie McCreevy of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and her assistant Ana Esquivel.

See Joe Scheidler’s Hotline for more details on the vigil.

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