Face the Truth Saves Two Babies

[Tour on Adams}

Morning tour site along Adams at Wacker [Photo by EJS]

Twenty-five Pro-Life Action League volunteers held graphic abortion signs and passed out literature at two sites in downtown Chicago Wednesday, November 19. Their presence on this final Face the Truth Day of 2003 saved two unborn babies from abortion.

The first tour site was at Adams and Wacker, to confront the morning commuters walking from Union Station from 8:00 to 9:30. As usual with the Union Station tour sites, the public was difficult to reach. Nevertheless we managed to distribute hundreds of Face the Truth flyers.

Tour on Adams

Nate Scheidler in front of the Xmas Tree installation [Photo by EJS]

Among the exceptions to our chilly reception at this site was a woman who saw our signs and then took a detour on her way to work to buy us a box of donuts. We enjoyed this treat when we reached our next stop.

From 10:00 to Noon we circled half of Daley Plaza, where city workers were installing Chicago’s giant Christmas Tree. Upon seeing the graphic abortion pictures on display at the Plaza, two different pregnant women planning to have abortions stopped to talk to volunteers. Both decided against abortion, and one of them went straight from Daley Plaza to Aid for Women few blocks away.

Sunny Daley Plaza

Warming sunshine at Daley Plaza [Photo by EJS]

At the conclusion of this half-day Face the Truth tour, volunteers gathered to thank God for the two saves, the great Truth Day turnout and the remarkably good weather that has accompanied all our tour days since Summer. God’s grace has shined brightly on Face the Truth this year.

(Read more on the Truth Day in Joe Scheidler’s Nov. 19 Hotline.)

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