Christmas Eve Caroling at Glenview Firehouse

Santa Clause Fireman

Update: The Christmas caroling at Glenview Fire Station No. 7 went great. The group was received warmly by the fire fighters, to whom they gave a Santa Claus Fireman figurine. Several local media outlets were present, and the caroling was featured on NBC Channel 5 News and in the Chicago Tribune’s Metro section.

And in the evening another group came out and set up a lighted Christmas tree next to the firehouse and posted a sign: “Glenview is a Scrooge-free zone.” [Original post follows:]

Responding to complaints from Messrs. Grinch and Scrooge, the Village of Glenview, Illinois has ordered fire fighters at Fire Station No. 7 to take down all Christmas decorations inside their firehouse. Apparently Messrs. Grinch and Scrooge saw a Christmas tree and figure of Santa through the window and were offended.

Glenview Fire Dept. Badge

The fire fighters of Fire Station No. 7 have sacrificed the comfort of their own homes to stand watch over the community this Christmas season. They should not be deprived of Christmas cheer, the gripes of Messrs. Grinch and Scrooge and their lawyers notwithstanding.

League Executive Director Ann Scheidler, who grew up in Glenview and whose father served as a volunteer fireman in Glenview for many years, has invited concerned citizens of the Village of Glenview and the surrounding area to gather at Fire Station No. 7 to sing Christmas carols a noon on Christmas Eve. Station No. 7 is at 3507 Glenview Rd in Glenview (map).

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