League Infiltrates Fay Clayton Talk at Synagogue

Fay Clayton

Fay Clayton

Four “spies” from the Pro-Life Action League infiltrated a talk by NOW lawyer Fay Clayton and NARAL lawyer Sarah Love at Am Shalom synagogue in Glencoe, IL on May 21 as pro-lifers protested outside the event. Clayton and Love told their audience of about 100 that “abortion rights” are under threat in the U.S.

Am Shalom Protest

Joe Scheidler leads the protest outside Am Shalom synagogue

During her portion of the talk, Clayton railed against “physical attacks” at abortion clinics. She called Pro-Life Action League National Director Joe Scheidler “violent” and called NOW v. Scheidler witness Congressman Henry Hyde a liar. She told her audience that Joe Scheidler is doing “mean, nasty, ugly things.”

Fay Clayton / Perjury Sign

Protesters held Fay Clayton / Perjury signs. [Photo by Eric Scheidler]

Meanwhile, along the street outside the synagogue, the group of over two dozen pro-lifers held signs showing what’s truly mean, ugly and nasty: abortion. They also held signs showing Fay Clayton outside the Supreme Court after last December’s oral arguments. Behind her in the picture can be seen the cover of an issue of World magazine that dealt with charges of perjury in the NOW v. Scheidler trial.


Does this look like a terrorist to you?

Sarah Love, who also worked on the NOW v. Scheidler case, bewailed pro-lifers’ “campaign of harassment and terror.” The reality, of course, was plainly visible outside: peaceful pro-life protest of the real terror, the murder of innocent unborn babies.

Fay Clayton boasted about her efforts to hinder implementation of the 8-1 Supreme Court decision in the Circuit Court. Despite the fact that this effort could only be pursued with the help of sympathetic appellate judges, Clayton insisted that the pro-abortion side is losing support in the courts — we only hope she’s right.

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