Despite Assault On Christ, He’s Still Present This Christmas

Despite all the craziness surrounding us this Christmas, there seems to be more spirituality this Christmas than last year. While agents of the material mentality try to remove all semblance of Christ’s birth-in-time, the celebration goes on and Christ is very present this Christmas.

The Assault on Christmas

Thousands of Nativity sets remain stored for fear of upsetting some atheist or ACLU member, but the truth will out, and sometimes even the stories about the nutty rules being made to keep us from thinking about the true meaning of Christmas, and the cowards complying with the no-Christ in Christmas effort, serve to help us see the power of His coming.

It has his enemies scared to death. The soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane fell to the ground when Christ simply said, “I am He.” They’re still falling to the ground.

Some sad stories include the banning even of inside decorations at the Glenview fire stations because some non-believers might see them through the window. They’re banning “Merry Christmas” and substituting “Happy Holidays,” in many places including public schools. They’ve renamed “Christmas break” “winter holidays.”

They’ve banned nativity scenes all over the place, including Chicago’s City Hall. Remember the Plasterers’ Union creche by the stairs in City Hall? And the one at the Water Tower? All gone, though fortunately one still stands in the Daley Plaza.

Carol for the Glenview Fire Fighters

Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times writes Tuesday that it’s about time to take a stand against this Christmas-phobia. He points out that even red poinsettias are being outlawed, tells of a school group on their way to see “A Christmas Carol,” being diverted to “The Great Railroad Race.”

Ann Scheidler was on WLS-Radio Tuesday arguing for the decorations at the Glenview fire station. Ann is from Glenview. Her dad was an active member of the Glenview volunteer fire department. Ann says we should bring Christmas to the firemen and carol Wednesday noon, Christmas Eve, at the station in the news, Glenview Station No. 7, 3507 Glenview Road (map). Join us. We’ll have a Nativity Set.

Roeper: No More “Happy Holidays”

In his column, Roper points out that he is finished with “Happy Holidays” and it’s “Merry Christmas” from here on in. He says in 1870 President Ulysses S. Grant declared Christmas a federal national holiday, and that’s the federal word: “Christmas.” Roper also points out that many of our Christmas songs were written by non-Christians, songs such as “O Holy Night,” “White Christmas,” “The Christmas Song,” “Let it Snow,” and “Silver Bells.”

Roper’s column gets a plug on Tuesday’s Sun-Times editorial page: “The answer is not to sandblast religious trappings off our public selves, but rather in treating each other with love and respect.” On the other hand, we read in the religious press that Christmas has become too commercial, there are too many sleigh bells and Santas and buying and selling, and missing the point of the true meaning of Christmas.

So the battle continues to rage over this miracle of the birth of God become Man. Jesus said His message would not be accepted by all, and so the discord and divisions continue even while He is bringing salvation and ultimate peace.

So every December 25th we can expect this battle to rage. That is, until His Second Coming.

God Bless Us . . .

Much is happening in the pro-life, abortion battle that we could discuss on this Christmas Action News Hotline, but we think that in the spirit of the season we’ll just wish all our callers a holy and joyous Christmas, remind you that our next news will be on Tuesday, December 30, and sign off with the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone.”

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