Abortifacient Pills Should Not Be Sold

If you read this Action News Hotline before 4 p.m. Tuesday tune in WBBM local CBS-TV for an interview with Ann Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, on a proposal to sell morning after pills over the counter without a doctor’s prescription, now being discussed in Washington.

Morning After Pill Bad for Women

Ann’s answer is that these abortifacients-contraceptives give women the wrong message about themselves, marriage, sex, and human life. These emergency contraceptives, as they are called, suggest that no woman wants the inconvenience and burden of a child, and this mentality of mother against child is bad for women, bad for children, bad for society, bad for everyone.

She points out the dangers of these drugs that don’t heal, but make women sick, so that their natural functions are thrown off kilter and hormones are thrown into imbalance. How much, if any, of Ann’s words of wisdom will the WBBM editors allow is a anyone’s guess. But we’ll see at 4 p.m. with possibly a repeat later tonight.

Also, CBS national TV will be discussing the French Abortion Pill, RU-486, on its evening news. RU-486 was recently lethal for the young Holly Patterson. If nothing else, abortion stays front page thirty-one years after the Supremes were supposed to have settled the question.

A Good Shepherd

Here’s our kind of bishop: Raymond Burke, presently Bishop of La Crosse, WI, who will soon take over the diocese of St. Louis, MO, sent letters to Roman Catholic politicians warning them that they must vote in line with the Church on the abortion and other moral issues. While he says the letters were private, he does not regret sending them because “It was my duty as bishop to write those letters.”

He said elected officials as well as all Catholics are obliged to follow Catholic teaching in their private as well as their public lives, and that they risk their spiritual well-being if they do not. He told the politicians that if they continue taking positions at odds with the church he will ask them not to receive the sacraments.

We wonder how many other bishops have been writing letters to their pro-abortion Catholic politicians reminding them of their obligations as Catholics in public office. We hope it’s most of them, and then we hope there is some follow-through. We’ll be delighted when our old seminary classmate Bishop Carl Mengleing of Lansing, MI, tells Governor Jennifer Granholm she has to stop supporting baby killing or stop going to Communion. And we could name plenty more.

When people tell me, “Well, the bishop has to be pastoral,” I remind them that the bishop is the official guardian of the Sacraments, and that permitting blatant pubic sinners to continue receiving Holy Communion is not protecting the sacrament, and it gives the people in the pews a mixed message: either abortion is not really that bad, or Holy Communion is really not that important. Both are lies, but what are the people to think?

If I were bishop I couldn’t in conscience allow pro-abortion politicians to go to communion. Could you? Then how can they?

Gura: A True Activist

Our good friend from Lake Zurich, Dan Gura, is putting his money where his mouth is and has sent 200 Christmas Cards to the neighbors of Dr. Vinod Goyal, a major abortion provider from Barrington, The card is very touching. It is a color photo of Libertyville’s nativity scene missing the Baby Jesus, who was stolen.

Gura and his family protest in front of Goyal’s home in Barrington every month, while others picket Goyal’s Aanchor Medical mill on Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn several times a week. Others involved in the protest are Jim Finnegan and Carol Wright. Dan and his wife, Sandy, are activists after my own heart: acting!

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