Mother Charged With Drowning Her Own Children

During the Christmas holiday season we will be doing only two Action News Hotlines each week on Tuesday and Thursday. Starting Monday, January 5 we will return to three messages a week, to be recorded on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual.

“A Very Scary Thing”

We are reading of yet another submerged car drowning of innocent children by a mother who pretended their deaths were an accident, in the mode of Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who claimed her children had been abducted but later confessed to drowning them in her car.

Amanda Hamm, 27, and her 28-year-old boyfriend have been accused of strapping the three little boys in her 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass and allowing the car to travel down into Clinton Lake in DeWitt County, Illinois. The children were Christopher, 6, Austin, 3, and Kyleigh, 2.

Since September, when the tragedy occurred, the mother has appeared distraught and her neighbors and friends concluded that it was a genuine accident. But police have inspected the car several times and claim to have sufficient evidence now to prove that the drowning were intentional.

Both Hamm and her boyfriend, Maurice Lagrone Jr., have been charged with nine counts of first-degree murder, and each is under a five million dollar bond. Authorities say people are going to be appalled when this case comes to court as evidence they have should prove that the drownings are a planned triple murder. Authorities say they have the motive for the drownings.

Neighbors said Hamm appeared to be an attentive mother, attending parent conferences at Christopher’s school. The principal of his school, Linda Ruhl, said, “It’s just hard to believe something like this could happen anywhere, to anybody.” And according to a Clinton resident, “To know that parents can do something like this, I’m sure that puts a scare in all the children around here. It’s a very scary thing.”

But scary as it is, it is no scarier than what some parents do four thousand times every day in this country, when they leave their children’s mangled bodies in the abortuary lab. It’s not as dramatic, and it doesn’t make Metro headlines in the Chicago Tribune or get a picture and a by-line in the Chicago Sun-Times, but child-killing is child-killing however it is committed.

The night we discovered the bodies of twins in a little plastic bag from a Michigan Ave. abortion mill, still in operation, we also said “It’s a very scary thing.”

Setting the Record Straight on Simon

Watch for our letter on former Senator Paul Simon. After reading pages of eulogies and praise and commentaries on his sainthood, we throw a wet blanket into the glorification by pointing out that Paul Simon was a champion of the American Holocaust.

Except for a vote early in his career supporting the Hyde Amendment, Simon went on to vote for funding of abortion at home and abroad, got endorsements from NOW and NARAL, hosted a seminar on abortion in order to bring the French abortion pill, RU-486 to America, and co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act.

We just think the record should be clear, that while Simon is being touted as the champion of the less fortunate and the disenfranchised, the “little guy,” he cared nothing for the most helpless little guys of all, the innocent and defenseless unborn. But we end our letter telling the truth: “God rest his soul.” We hope and pray that at the end he was sorry for his abortion stand, as we hope all abortion supporters are, eventually. After all, he did vote right once.

Abortion Mill Caroling December 20

Join our “Empty Manger” Christmas Caroling at five abortion mills Saturday, December 20, starting at 9 a.m. at Albany on North Elston and ending at the boarded up Concord Medical Center at 17 W. Grand at 12:15 for an “Alleluia.”

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