Wrong Is Wrong And Will Never Be Right

This is our final announcement on the 24 Hour Vigil with the Our Lady of the New Millennium Statute at the Albany abortion mill, Cicero at Elston, starting with Mass Saturday at 8 a.m. and ending after Mass Sunday at 8 a.m. Try to come by at least for a visit.

It is a coup to get the parking lot across from the mill, use of the facilities at the Knanaya Center and permission to rope off the street. Someone up there is working with us. Come and be part of it.

Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong

John Johnston writes in the Chicago Tribune “Voice of the People” that using live human stem cells is necessary to help people with diseases but adds, “If you believe that microscopic embryos with no blood supply are human beings with the rights equal to each of us, then none of this matters.”

John is absolutely correct. We do believe that John was once a microscopic embryo with no discernable blood supply and that he John was a human being, and that if we had used his parts, and killed him, big John would not be writing stupid letters saying it is okay to use people’s parts.

Wrong is wrong and will never be right, no matter how convenient it may be. No, John, you can’t have my kidneys; you can’t have the embryonic stem cells, either. His arguments all hinge on convenience and that what is useful is good.

News Briefs

Patricia Ireland thinks she can pull Carol Mosley Braun’s hopeless campaign out of the red and get her elected president of the United States, according to an article in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune.

The Massachusetts law legalizing same sex marriages has thrown a wet blanket over the Illinois sexual orientation bill. They aren’t even going to bring it up for a vote because the mood against so-called homosexual rights has been damaged by the Massachusetts ruling. Good! Senate President Emil Jones is angry.

The contractors boycott in Texas is growing as nobody anywhere near Austin wants to help build the Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Planned Parenthood says despite the boycott they will still build the mill. Boycotters include providers of lumber, cement, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, windows, hardwood floors, roofing, insulation, landscaping and fencing.

Catholic Radio is coming to Chicago with a vengeance. Starting Dec. 1, Relevant Radio, which “bridges the gap between faith and everyday life” on the Starboard Network, will go from two hours in the morning to a full day, from sunrise to sunset. Morning Air is now from 7 to 9 a.m., repeated from 6 to 8 p.m., with Jeff Cavins and John Morales. Tune in. It’s a great boon to the Chicago area.

The Truth about Late Term Abortions

When we taught Journalism years ago, we made a point of the importance of telling the truth, checking your sources and not misleading your public. Not so in a sick column by Mary Krones in the Bloomington Indy, the Illinois State University student paper. Krones makes the following observations:

  • Partial birth abortion does not exist in medical literature.
  • Fact: It does.
  • The most common reason for having a D and X abortion is that the fetus is extremely deformed.
  • Fact: Most late abortions are on perfectly healthy unborn babies.
  • Childbirth has a mortality rate 11 times higher than abortion.
  • Fact: Birth mortality rates include mortality from abortions, so that statistic is skewed; also, birth mortality rates include all causes of death through nine months of pregnancy plus three months following pregnancy, while most abortions are on young, healthy women mostly in the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Partial birth abortions are only performed to save the mother’s life.
  • Fact: No abortion saves a woman’s life.

Whatever happened to truth?

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