Message Of Truth Day: These Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain

During Wednesday’s Half-Day Face the Truth tour there were at least two known saves when women seeing the photographs of aborted babies talked with pro-lifers and decided not to have their planned abortions.

Face the Truth Day Stories

The twenty-five stalwarts who showed up to hold signs at Wacker and Adams, and at the Daley Plaza know they saved lives. We had the added bonus of watching them construct the huge Daley Plaza Christmas tree, made up of some 100 trees placed on four or five platforms.

Some of the stories from Wednesday’s tour are:

  • A woman crying as she looked at the pictures told a pro-life volunteer: “I’m two months pregnant and I have been considering an abortion, but now I’ve seen your pictures, and I can’t do that !”
  • A professional fundraiser passing by asked if she could help promote the League.
  • One woman passing our display brought us a huge box of donuts.
  • One man rolled down his window and gave us a thumbs-up.
  • Another man insisted that the pictures need to be seen by adults, but should not be seen by children, while next to him stood eleven-year-old Nate holding a graphic sign.
  • A man who saw our display e-mailed our office his congratulations.
  • And attorney Fay Clayton, who argued against us in the NOW v. Scheidler RICO trial, walked briskly past the display of graphic photographs.

Everyone has a story about this tour. There were some hate looks and insulting remarks, as we were called “sick” and told to “get a life,” but for the most part reaction was positive.

At the end of the tour Eric Scheidler led the prayer and reminded the group that Nov. 19 is the 140th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Address at Gettysburg, where he told his audience at the cemetery that they must make sure “these dead shall not have died in vain.” We reminded our little group that the deaths of 47-million unborn babies, while horrible, is generating an anti-abortion mood in this country. These babies have not died in vain. Their deaths are helping to save future millions, by turning the nation against the evil of abortion.

Wednesday’s was the last Face the Truth tour of 2003.

Don’t Miss Sunday’s Vigil

The 33-foot statue of Our Lady of the New Millennium will be in place Saturday morning, Nov. 22, with Mass at 8 a.m. The 24-hour vigil ends with an 8 a.m. Mass Sunday. Thousands of invitations have been sent. We hope large numbers turn out for the vigil.

The statue will be across the side street adjacent to Albany’s abortion mill parking lot, on Elston near Cicero. This is a rare event . Someday you’ll want to tell your grandchildren you were there back in 2003 when the Millennium Statue was at a Chicago abortion mill.

America’s Greatest Danger

By now you’ve heard that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in a 5 to 4 ruling ordered the state to allow homosexual marriage. If you wonder who is destroying America, look no further than the judiciary: It outlaws prayer in school, gave us abortion on demand, allows pornography to infect our media and libraries, permits sodomy and orders homosexual marriages.

Law without values dominates nearly every court in the land, and has infected every facet of American life. It’s time Americans take back their country from the satanic judges who are trying to destroy it.

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall of Massachusetts wrote that the homosexual marriage ruling will help bring stability as well as legal, financial and social benefits to society. There is nothing more dangerous to a country than godless judges, and that is mostly what we have right here in America. This country is in big trouble. It is time we take our country back.

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