Let’s Picket Albany This Weekend

If you read this Action News Hotline before Saturday morning join us at 9 a.m. in front of Albany Abortion Mill to protest this Death Camp that has been operating in Chicago for thirty years.

Picket Saturday at Albany

Formerly on Irving Park Road, the mill moved into a fortress-like building in the 1980s to continue its grizzly business. By now tens of thousands of babies have been murdered within its walls, and while we pray at this mill constantly, it is important that from time to time we wake up the neighborhood to the evil that is going on there.

There is an ELCA Lutheran Church near-by whose pastor says they’re pro-choice. There’s an Indian Catholic Church even closer who are against abortion and are allowing us to use their parking lot the following Saturday, Nov. 22, for Mass, to set up the Our Lady of the Millennium Statue, and hold a 24-hour vigil on their property.

But the neighbors need to know about the presence of this abortion mill so we’ll leaflet the area, march and carry signs showing what goes on inside. They kill babies.

Some pro-lifers have expressed concern that this protest may make counseling more difficult in the future. We believe it will help. We are alerting the neighborhood of this grizzly trade. Be there. Eventually these activities will help shut the mill down.

Hats Off to Judge Moore

Meanwhile, our hat is off to Judge Roy Moore, former Alabama Chief Justice who refused to take down his Ten Commandments Monument he put up in the rotunda of the Courthouse two years ago. He was fired Thursday by a 9-0 vote of the Court of the Judiciary. They say his crime is placing himself above the law.

But Judge Moore says he was in conformity to the law that recognizes and acknowledges God in his courtroom. Moore called displaying the commandments not only his right, but his duty. Moore, 56, is a graduate of West Point, fought in Vietnam, was a county judge and later elected overwhelmingly to his position of Alabama Chief Justice. He ran on a ticket pledged to restore morality under the law. He first refused to take down a plaque of the commandments in his courtroom.

After losing his position Wednesday, Moore told a crowd of several hundred supporters that he has no regrets. He said, “When a federal judge tells the state of Alabama that we cannot acknowledge God, we have a serious problem.” Moore now fears that “In God We Trust” will be removed from our currency. Moore, dismissed as a federal Judge, could appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court, but has already been denied cert in the U. S. Supreme Court.

Polls show that 3 out of 4 voters in Alabama agree with Moore. There is speculation that he may run for the U. S. Senate. The liberal Southern Poverty Law Center and boss Richard Cohen praised the 9 judges who dumped Moore. He now wants Moore disbarred.

We met Judge Roy Moore in D.C. recently and heard him speak on his present travail, and from what we gathered, we are pretty sure we’ve not heard the last of Judge Moore, despite all the good intentions of the Alabama Judiciary and the Southern Law Center to put Moore on the shelf.

Bishops Get It Right

The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops wrapped up its annual meeting Wednesday with a document defining marriage as a blessed bond between a man and a woman, thus denouncing same sex marriage. They reaffirmed the evil of artificial contraception and gave the Committee on Pro-Life Activities the go ahead to develop a pamphlet outlining the Church’s position on natural family planning.

The Bishops said human sexuality is central to who we are as human beings, and that this reality is under serious threat today. Bishop Wilton Gregory said the Church is obliged to proclaim the moral truths as given to her by Christ, whether these truths are popular in or society or not.

The bishop’s Committee has already endorsed a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. To the disappointment of some liberal priests, the Bishops did not discuss a married clergy.

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