The American Cause Hosts Terrific Conference

The League Director has three talks coming up this weekend, in Menominee, WI, Buffalo, NY and Mundelein, IL, so I’m only putting on two Action News Lines this week. Sorry.

The American Cause

The American Cause conference in Crystal City this past weekend was outstanding. Sponsored by Pat and Bay Buchanan we heard from such greats as Judge Roy Moore of Ten Commandment Fame, Judie Brown, Karen Malek, Georgette Forney, members of Silent No More, experts in many fields of activity.

My speech was the last one of the day. I concentrated on activism, quoting Gilbert Keith Chesterton that we rejoice not because we are in the right place, but because we are in the wrong place and must make it right according to Jesus’ prayer, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

I talked of St. Teresa of Lisieux who wanted to be a missionary-martyr but spent her short life in a Carmelite monastery, but promised to spend her heaven doing good on earth. I said that those of us who have lived longer than her 24 years are called to spend our time on earth doing good on earth, to make earth more like heaven. I related some experiences we have as activists, changing hearts and minds and bringing the truth of abortion to our fellow man.

It was good to be in the company of so many saints of our time. Following the conference I did a radio show and some short spots for the Constitution Party and headed back to Chicago to watch the Cubs cream the Braves. All in all a good weekend.

Gibson Film Still Lacks Distributor

We were disheartened to discover that Mel Gibson still does not have a distributor for his excellent and highly praised motion picture The Passion, which is getting rave reviews from everyone who has seen it. Despite the lack of a distributor at this time, there is no doubt that the film has received more press than almost any film in history.

Pro-life Catholics, evangelicals and even many Jews who have seen the picture in its unfinished form say it draws one closer of Christ, makes His love and self giving come home to them and is in no way anti-Semitic It appears that only people with a grudge against the gospels impose an anti-Semitic label on it, but apparently that’s enough to keep the distributors locked in their holes. Pray that a distributor comes forth.

Simple Advice for Anglicans

A story in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times says “Catholic-Anglican unity may be at a risk due to a recent consecration of a gay Anglican Bishop.” Our firm belief is that all efforts to find Catholic-Anglican unity went out the window years ago, when the Anglicans accepted a wife-killer to head — or should I say behead — their church.

If the Anglicans want unity with the Catholic Church it’s simple. Leave the Anglican Church, all 77 million of them , and become Catholics. The last time we were in England the tour guide pointed to the Catholic churches, which were packed, and said the Anglican churches are museums, there for the tourist trade. That’s the way it looked to us.

“Desperate Dan” Hynes

Possibly when he goes down in defeat, Dan Hynes will trace the beginning of his downfall to a dumb mistake he made when he tried to use Faculty and Alumni of St. Ignatius College Prep as pawns in his bid for U.S. Senator. Now the Hynes campaign is apologizing for his faux pas and trying to weasel out of it by saying they’re so busy they didn’t have time to check with the people listed as sponsors and donors.

But Ignatius principal Carole Manning says she never authorized the Hynes campaign to use her name, never intended to donate $2,500 to his campaign and almost nobody on the list was happy to be on it. Manning said the faculty and staff laughed about the invitation to join Hynes.

So remember the name, Dan Hynes for Senator, a pro-abortion “Catholic” who wants to be your Senator and is willing to do almost anything to get the job.

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