Contractors Stall Building Of Abortion Mill in Texas

We’re off to Washington for a seminar on the American Cause, during which we will meet some American greats, such as Federal Judge Roy Moore of Alabama Ten Commandments Fame, do some radio shows and give a talk on how activists save the lives of unborn babies. Report on Monday’s Action News.

The Pope Is Dying — Like All of Us

Jeff Cavins of Morning Air, a Catholic broadcast personality, mentioned Friday that some reporters who have insisted that Pope John Paul II is on the verge of death, have themselves gone to meet their Maker, in advance of John Paul. Besides, we are all dying, so what’s the big deal about the Pope?

We have a file dating back years announcing the Holy Father’s ill health and immanent death. If they keep writing about it one of these days they’ get it right — but so what? As Cavins pointed out, what the Pope is in fact doing is showing us how to die, with humility and hope and while still keeping busy doing good up to the end.

Don’t we hope when we’re eighty-three we’ll have the guts to plan trips and keep a schedule like John Paul’s! It’s tough enough, at my tender age, to keep up with my schedule, simple as it is.

One advantage the pope has, though — he doesn’t get shaken down at the airport every time he boards a plane. That’s the part I hate most about flying. I must look like a gangster.

Ask the FDA To Ban RU-486

Life Advocacy Briefing #10-37 points out that Sandy Rios, president of the Washington-based Concerned Women for America asks pro-lifers to contact Mark McClellan, commissioner for the Federal Drug Administration, to withdraw the French abortion pill, RU 486. This is the pill that has killed several American women and who knows how many from other countries. It was rushed thorough for FDA approval under Bill Clinton without proper tests and even while drug companies were warning women not to use it.

Mc McClellan can be reached at 301-443-1544 or write him at 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857. A message to McClellan can be sent from CWA’s website.

Pro-Life Contractor Stalls Abortion Mill

This Life Advocacy Briefing also has an interesting story about a concrete contractor in Austin, TX who has organized a boycott of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Ground breaking for this death house was stalled two weeks ago by Chris Danze, owner of Maldonado and Danze, Inc. He secured pledges from every concrete supplier within sixty miles of Austin, none of whom will supply materials or labor for the new Planned Parenthood project.

Reminds me of the time former Congressman Pat Schroeder read with alarm a chapter in my book, CLOSED, entitled “Don’t Let the Garbage Men Collect the Garbage.” Same idea. Patricia was horrified.

Danze has sent letters to more than 750 Austin and San Antonio area contractors telling them to have no part in the construction of this building. Reports Danze, “We are going to do everything we can to stop it, slow it down and make it more expensive.” Go, Danze!

Pro-Life Victories Abound

There are many small, and some large, victories going on in the pro-life movement that you don’t hear about. We encounter them constantly, at the abortion mills and on our Face the Truth tours. We have even become dependent on them, getting to the mill at exactly the right time to stop an abortion bound couple, having just the right person to address the client in Spanish or Polish, pro-life groups able to purchase buildings for crisis pregnancy centers next to the abortion mills.

God wants to win this battle for His unborn children and He opens doors for us right and left. Count on it. I’d hate to be an abortionist. They are losers — and they are losing.

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