League To Picket Hynes Fundraiser

Dan Hynes is a Catholic. Dan Hynes is running for United States Senate on the Democrat ticket. Dan Hynes is a graduate of the prestigious St. Ignatius College Prep High School in Chicago, run by the Society of Jesus, alias the Jesuits.

Ignatians Toast Pro-Abort Dan Hynes

But on Tuesday Night, September 30, a large contingent of St. Ignatius graduates and faculty will be touting Dan Hynes at the School of the Art Institute and raising funds for his campaign. But because Dan Hynes, for all his Catholic upbringing, espouses the American Holocaust and has embraced abortion-on-demand as one of his causes, Vote Life America and the Pro-Life Action League will be there to hold the graphic pictures of what Dan Hynes supports: abortion, or the killing of helpless, innocent unborn children.

Hynes told reporters at his coming out party in Chicago that he supports abortion. Matt Abbot, a ’94 graduate of St. Ignatius, wrote Fr. Brian Paulson, President of St. Ignatius, and was assured that Fr. Paulson had talked with supporters of Dan Hynes about his support of abortion, and he did not like Hynes support of abortion, but says we live in a country where supporters do not necessarily agree with a candidate on every issue and does not assume that all Ignatius alumni or faculty agree with Hynes abortion position.

This is of course begging the question. Many Germans probably did not agree with Hitler’s anti-Semitism, but they voted for Hitler and became part of the final solution. Ignatius students and faculty who support Dan Hynes support abortion. Period. You can’t have it both ways.

So we will be out in front of the Hynes’ gala to remind good Ignatians that they cannot support Hynes if they are truly pro-life, as we believe some are. We hope to reach them. We even hope to turn some away from attending the fundraiser, or at least go in and tell Dan they can’t vote for him or contribute to his fund. We wish you’d be there. We need help holding signs and handing out flyers.

How Long Must We Wait?

Fr. Paulson in his letter to Matt Abbot said he has heard Cardinal Francis George speak eloquently about the importance of law shaping culture, especially on the critical issue of abortion. But, says Fr. Paulson, “much as I recognize his point, I also believe that we have a lot more spiritual and moral conversion of minds and hearts to do in our own families, churches and schools before changes in public policies affecting abortion would be accepted and supported in the United States.”

We wonder if Hynes supported the extermination of Jesuits, would Fr. Paulson be willing to wait for a change in moral and spiritual values of society before deciding to take action against this politician. Why is it we always have to wait for society to change its morals before we can start defending the babies against renegade politicians? We have murdered forty-seven million unborn babies while waiting for our society’s conversion. How many millions more have to die before we have this spiritual and moral conversion of minds and hearts?

If some nut were holding a gun to my head I’d prefer that someone crack the would-be-killer in the head, rather than wait for his moral and spiritual conversion before taking action. At the very least, I wouldn’t want my friends to support a fundraiser for him.

Anyway, be there. It will be a night to remember. Appear at 5:00 p.m. at 112 South Michigan and help us and Vote Life America reach the crowd of Ignatians going in to raise money for Dan Hynes, who wants to be your Senator from Illinois.

Great Wanderer Forum

In other news, we had a ball at the recent Wanderer Forum over the weekend, gave a talk entitled “Pro-Life on Its Knees — in Prayer.” We also had delightful conversations with Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, Charlie Rice of Notre Dame, Mary Ann Kuharski of pro-life billboard fame, Fr. Ken Baker, writer, Tim O’Donnell, president of Christendom College, Pat Bainbridge of Human Life International, Fr. Joe Wilson of New York.

We had the honor of being seated with members of the fantastic choir from Christendom College who sang the opening Mass. These young people give renewed hope to the old guard. The pro-life movement and the Church are in good hands.

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