Hemlock Society Helps People “Choose Death”

What’s in a name? The lethal Hemlock Society that has described its knack for killing people and helping people kill themselves as everything from “Death With Dignity” to “Assisted Suicide,” is now referring to itself as “Caring Friends.” One of their techniques is to slip a plastic bag over your head with a shot of helium.

Hemlock’s Death Balloon

Along with the bag and whiff of helium, as explained in an excellent article by Rita L. Marker in “Patience and Plastic Bags” in the Spring issue of the Human Life Review, go instructions to make your farewell statement before the helium starts flowing, or you’ll sound like Donald Duck (helium raises the pitch of the voice). Marker says “Caring Friends” are very aggressive and are getting into hospitals all across America to assist sick people in committing suicide.

The Hemlock Society is also called “End-of-Life Choices.” They have to get the word “choice” in there somehow. We can’t help wonder how many slated for death are really given a choice, or if some don’t get the bag and a whiff of helium at the behest of some healthy relative who thinks it is the peak of loving care to hasten grandpa’s or old Uncle Willy’s trip into the Next World .

Roe and Doe Aid Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Last week on Action News we announced the House and Senate vote in favor of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, which is now headed for a joint House-Senate conference committee. We mentioned that the Senate version has an amendment that reaffirms Roe v. Wade. Most think the Roe amendment will be removed in committee and the final version of the bill will go to President Bush unencumbered by the Roe language.

To help make this happen, both Roe and Doe have made public statements saying the amendment must be removed. Norma McCorvey (Roe) points out that more than a thousand affidavits have been filed in the courts, affirming that women’s lives have been ruined because of legal abortion. She points out that 3-D ultrasound shows that abortion kills a baby.

Sandra Cano (Doe) says it is clear that abortion is murder, the killing of a defenseless human being, and must not continue as the law of the land. Both women have also filed lawsuits against the 1973 ruling. Stay tuned.

“Silent No More” Campaign Continues

Meanwhile, at noon Monday women belonging to “Silent No More” stood on 6th Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets in New York City holding signs that read, “I Regret My Abortion.” The campaign was a joint project of The National Organization of Episcopalians for Life and Priests for Life.

Present at the gathering were actress Jennifer O’Neill and Singer Melba Moore. The women spoke about their own abortions and offered help to post-abortive women.

RU-486 Doesn’t Kill Only Babies

Another young woman has died after taking the French abortion pill, RU 486. Eighteen-year-old Holly Patterson of Livermore, CA died Sept. 17 after taking the chemical abortifacients given to her by Planned Parenthood.

RU 486 had been rushed through the Food and Drug Administration at the end of the Clinton Presidency, without sufficient testing being done, just to get it on the market at the behest of pro-abortion and feminist groups. It got FDA approval even though the manufacturer of Cytotec, a pill taken with the drug, should not be used as part of the abortion process.

The Christian Medical Association along with Concerned Women for America and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists had already filed a 90-page petition urging the FDA not to approve of the lethal drug.

The FDA approved the drug in September 2000, waiving its own rule that required testing new drugs for potential danger to children and teenagers. Now one more teen and her baby are dead because pro-abortion political pressure forced a government agency to hurry and please the baby killers and feminists.

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