Truth Tour Volunteer Assaulted–Attacker Arrested

We’ve all heard the old saw, “The Truth Hurts.” That is often true. And we know some people are not going to like it when we go out on our Face the Truth tours and show the graphic pictures of abortion. But we shouldn’t get hurt for showing the truth about abortion.

The Truth Hurts, But Assault Is a Crime

That’s why Tim Murphy had a man arrested Wednesday on our stop at Wacker and Adams. A man who saw our graphic pictures while walking east on Adams hit sign-holder Steve Dornbos in the back, shouting, “Put it away.” Then he came up behind Tim Murphy and hit him in the back, again shouting, “Put it away.” Tim put down his sign and pursued the man, who dodged in and out of buildings and tried twice to catch a taxi to get away.

The first cab wouldn’t let him in, and three people stood in front of the second cab and wouldn’t let it drive away. Then two strangers tackled the assailant and held him until the police came. Tim told the officers what had happened and the man was arrested for assault, a misdemeanor. The man will appear in court on October 16.

Tim is pursuing the matter because his first amendment rights allow him to hold a sign in public and none of us should have to be afraid that in telling or showing the truth on the public sidewalk we become targets for physical abuse. It’s bad enough that we are slandered and called every name in the book, but we are not willing to be punching bags for people who don’t like our signs.

Abortion Pictures Say It All

I admit that where I was standing across the street, I encountered very little opposition this time except for some snide remarks. In fact, a number of people thanked me for being there and I was questioned by one young lady to whom I pointed out that all our sign said was “abortion,” and had a pictures of an aborted baby. It doesn’t even say we’re for it or against abortion.

I said, “What if I were holding a sign that said ‘McDonalds,’ and had a picture of a hamburger. Viewers would assume that I was pro-hamburger, not against hamburgers. But when I hold a picture of an aborted baby they immediately assume I am against abortion. Why? Because everyone knows instinctively that abortion is wrong and that when you hold a picture of an aborted baby you are not supporting abortion, but you are opposing it.”

She mused over that analogy for a few seconds and said, “That make sense. Now I have to get to work. I work at McDonalds.”

During Wednesday’s Face the Truth Day we covered six overpasses, had lines of pictures at the James R Thompson State of Illinois Building during Lisa Madigan’s press conference, leafleted the Daley Plaza and the Loop. We even found time to hold a dozen Malachi pictures in front of Fay Clayton’s Law offices on Wacker Drive. We thank those who came out on this perfect September day to help in winning the victory over abortion.

Pro-Lifers Eager for PBA Ban

A New York Times story says pro-lifers are elated that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban has passed both houses and is scheduled for a joint conference this fall. At this conference, pro-lifers believe the pro Roe v. Wade Language, added to the Senate version but not to the House version, will be striped away and the bill banning partial birth abortions will go to Bush to be signed into law.

The Senate voted 93 to zero for passage of he bill with language reaffirming Senate support for the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. The story says anti-abortionists think the Senate wanted to get the bill to conference quickly, expecting the Roe language to be removed in committee. The story says experts believe the Supreme Court will eventually decide its constitutionality.

As many pro-lifers have observed, a partial birth abortion ban probably won’t save many lives, but it’s been a great publicity tool to keep the horror of abortion before the public eye.

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