3D Ultrasound Gives Window Into The Womb

Sorry for only two News Lines this week. We’re swamped. Just like last week when we spent a busy weekend in Omaha, addressed the First Annual “A Woman’s Touch Crisis Pregnancy Center” banquet, and picketed Leroy Carhart’s abortion mill. It closed.

On Saturday I attended the Tenth Annual American Catholic Press Gratiam Dei Annual Benefit in Flossmoor, IL. While in Omaha I did interviews on KVSS and KCRO radio, and did a Catholic Television show.

More 3D Ultrasound in the Media

[Smiling Baby]

The fight against abortion is alive and well and getting lots of attention. Did you see Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times showing three color 3D ultrasound photographs of babies smiling in the womb? The article by Art Golab is headlined “Baby, what a smile! 3D gives parents a peek.” You’d have to be brain dead and heartless not to be moved by these touching intrauterine photos.

Tomorrow’s Truth Day Remembers Patricia Heisler

Some of our older readers will remember Pat and Steve Heisler and their daughters who were very active in Chicago in the early eighties. They lived in Bolingbrook. The three daughters played guitar and sang and added charm to our protests.

Pat died September 9 at 8 p.m. at sunset in Naples, FL. Her memorial is Sept. 17 and we told the family that it will be “Patricia Heisler Day” in Chicago as we take our Face the Truth tour on the road that day. Meet at 9 a.m. at Madison and Desplaines.

We know Pat would rather have us out doing pro-life work than flying to Florida for her memorial ceremony. Pat was an activist and we hope many will come out to honor her memory by taking part in the tough job of showing the truth of abortion on the streets and overpasses of Chicago.

Pat was a pro-life activist in Illinois, California, Oklahoma and Florida, always outgoing, happy, compassionate and caring. It’s going to be a sadder world without her. Pat Heisler, a woman after God’s own Heart. May she rest in peace.

Controversy over Gibson’s Graphic Passion

When Mel Gibson was in Chicago recently he previewed his new motion picture on the last twelve hours of Christ’s life. Called The Passion, this movie to be released next Ash Wednesday is causing much controversy, mainly from Jewish groups who claim it’s anti-Semitic. It suggests that Jewish leaders had a major role in Christ’s crucifixion. Many Christians, however, believe there is a real need for the kind of graphic portrayal of the suffering and death of Christ in this motion picture.

For information on what is taking place in regard to this controversy log onto See the Passion.com. There will be much more on this controversy in the months to come. For one thing, Mel needs a distributor for the film. Many enemies are fighting to keep it from being shown. We predict that when it hits the screens it will have a profound effect on all who see it.

Weigel: Anglicans Unstable

George Weigel makes a good point in his column in the September 14 Catholic New World. He quotes the newly consecrated active homosexual Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson. The new Bishop is overjoyed that going against tradition, the teaching of the church and Sacred Scripture doesn’t necessarily make something wrong. Weigel responds:

If neither Scripture, nor tradition, nor the settled teaching of the church for two millennia is authoritative, then what is? The “signs of the times,” evidently, whether those be the “signs of the times” as read by Henry VIII or the “signs of the times” as defined by New York Times editorials today. It’s striking that in both the 16th century and the 21st century the question for Episcopalians has come down to this: What is authoritative for the church: Scripture, tradition, consistent teaching apostolically rooted, or the “signs of the times”?

Weigel spells out the mess the Episcopal Church has gotten into by following the ‘signs of the times’ as when Henry VIII wanted to confiscate Church property, when Episcopalians wanted birth control, when women wanted to become priests and now when active gays want to become bishops and the “signs of the times” trumped Scripture, tradition and church teaching.

Weigel rightly concludes that Anglicanism is an unstable form of Protestantism. That’s putting it mildly.

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