Valiant Ohioans

Kudos to the Right to Life of Greater Akron, OH, who are working to shut down the abortion mills in the Cleveland area and having much success. We spoke at the Tangier, a famous restaurant and night club in Akron where all the greats of the 30’s through the 80’s have appeared.

We stayed at the castle-like Crowne Plaza in Quaker Square, a hotel created from the Quaker Oats Cereal company’s original cluster of 36 adjoined silos where they made “the cereal shot from guns.” It’s known as the most unusual hotel in the world with its round rooms.

Valiant Ohio Pro-Lifers

Pro-lifers from Summit and surrounding counties are among the most active pro-lifers in the country. They have partial birth abortionist Martin Haskell doing his killings at one of their area mills, and despite his blatant defiance of Ohio abortion regulations, he continues to perform his grizzly trade with impunity.

But we predict the pro-lifers there will eventually drive him out. We talked with a lively group of young pro-lifers who stayed after my talk and their goal is to convert the abortionists. They just might do it.

This weekend we speak in Omaha, NE and visit Leroy Carhar’s mill. Back in Chicago Saturday we will attend the Gratiam Dei Awards event at the Flossmoor Country Club — then just one dozen more trips and talks through the remainder of the fall before a little Christmas break and then we start all over in January.

Byrne Nails the Pro-Abort Dems

Dennis Byrne hits the nail on the head in his Monday column, “Keeping abortion questions out of the hands of voters.” Byrne says he’s glad the Democrats snuffed the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the federal appeals court because it shows that the Democrats’ jabbering about diversity and inclusion is nothing but a “load of compost.”

Democrats say the fact that Estrada is Hispanic and Catholic has nothing to do with their blocking his nomination, but Byrne says these facts have everything to do with the filibuster to keep him from getting a vote. He’s Catholic and pro-life and that’s all the Democrats have to know to kill his nomination.

But, Byrne says, this is good because it shows the blatant hypocrisy of people like Sen. Chuck Schumer, who say they oppose Estrada because he is hiding his true beliefs. “Bunk,” responds Byrne. They hate him because their friends don’t want him. Estrada has been called “anti-woman” by the Feminist Majority Foundation, “anti choice” by NARAL Pro-Choice America, “far out” by Planned Parenthood and “outside the mainstream” by Schumer.

It’s all a fight over abortion, and since Estrada isn’t pro-abortion, he isn’t acceptable to the Democrats.

Mainstream Is Pro-Life, Says Byrne

Byrne says the real irony is that Estrada’s accusers are the ones out of the mainstream. They back abortion for any reason and at any time, but “that’s not what the American public thinks. Poll after poll shows that Americans, including women, generally oppose legal abortion ‘for any reason,’ and favor greater restrictions on abortions. A recent scientific poll conducted by the pro-choice Center for the Advancement of Women confirms it.”

Byrne says the poll shows that in the past two years opinion is shifting toward the anti- abortion position, and that only 30 percent of women favor the absolutist pro-abortion position that is favored by Democrat leadership. Even the abortion industry knows that it is on the run and that is why it and its congressional minions like Schumer, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton have retreated into the furthest reaches of the political process to keep the abortion question out of the hands of the electorate.

“After the courts kicked the debate out of the legislative arena 30 years ago,” Byrne writes, “Democrats now want to be sure to exclude any debate of it in the courts. Somehow the word democratic doesn’t seem to fit the Democrats.”

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