Paul Hill Executed

If you read this before Friday night, come out to the Illinois Right to Life’s Eighth Annual Pro-Life Family Night at Kiddieland, First and North Avenues in Melrose Park. IRLC has reserved the Park from 5 to 10 p.m. You’ll meet your pro-life friends and their kids. Tickets are $20 at the gate.

The Media and Paul Hill’s Execution

Paul Hill is dead. We were in the Fox studio in Chicago to go on The O’Reilly Factor at 5:02 p.m. Wednesday when the lethal injection was administered and went on the program shortly after 5:08 when Hill was pronounced dead. As Monica Miller said, “It feels strange to have known someone who has been executed.”

Many of us knew Hill in the 1980’s when he was a minister going to the mills and praying for the abortionists. Then he began espousing the theory of Justifiable Homicide, and tried to get some pro-life leaders to agree with him. Few did. Most of us tried to reason him out of even holding such a crazy notion, but he stuck by his theory while saying he would never use it.

Well, he did use it when he shot and killed Abortionist John Britton and his driver. On The O’Reilly Factor I said I opposed all these killings: Britton’s killing of unborn children by abortion, Hill’s killing of Britton and the State of Florida killing Hill.

When I suggested that some of us did not believe Hill got a fair trial because he was not allowed to have his own lawyer or plead his defense, O’Reilly leapt at the chance to justify the way the trial was handled, and talked over our efforts to show how peaceful, non-violent efforts are successfully encouraging many abortionists to turn away from abortion.

While we clearly rejected the abortionists ploy that Hill’s death will encourage violence and that almost no pro lifers consider Hill to be a martyr, O’Reilly kept up his effort to make all pro lifers appear off center. He did make one accurate statement, that pro-lifers do not get a fair shake from the secular media. We agreed, adding that they never have reported the pro-life story correctly, O’Reilly tried to blame this lack of media attention on our so-called radical image.

The fact is that the polls show consistently that at least 90 percent of media leadership is pro-abortion. All in all, we did at least a dozen interviews Wednesday on the Hill execution, and most reporters seemed relatively unbiased, especially WMBI, the Moody station, Al Kresta out of Ann Arbor, WBBM in Chicago and the BBC in London, for which we were interviewed twice, though we don’t know what segments of our interview they aired.

At the League we all gathered in our chapel before the execution to pray that Paul Hill would be repentant, and not recommend that others adopt killing as a means of ending abortion. Real pro-lifers don’t shoot abortionists. We convert them.

Truth Day September 17

Plan to join us Wednesday, September 17th for a Face the Truth Day in downtown Chicago. About forty stalwarts joined our August Truth Day and we hope there will be more this month. Another Truth Day is on October 15. Local tours begin at 9 a.m. at Madison Street and Des Plaines. There are three sights on each day-long tour.

Parker on Media Pro-Abort Bias

Kathleen Parker had an interesting column in the Chicago Tribune Wednesday entitled, “Media’s abortion bias is showing . . . again.” Her point is that the two women who helped make abortion legal in this country have totally changed their minds and have both gone to court to get their original cases reversed, but the media doesn’t care, and is totally ignoring them.

She points out that Norma McCorvey tried to get Roe vacated but was rejected by the court, and Sandra Cano, who was Doe, tried the same in a Georgia court but her 5,400 pages of evidence was thrown out within 48 hours. The judge must have been a fast reader, Parker says.

Both women were used by the feminists, both regret that they ever went to court, and both now want abortion outlawed. Parker says, “The fact that the mainstream media have decided to ignore Cano’s case suggests that the media have made up their collective mind that Cano and McCorvey are irrelevant to the larger social goal, as determined by an elite few.” She has that right.

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