US Pulls Funding for Marie Stopes Intl.

There’s good news from the U. S. State Department. Austin Ruse says another pro-abortion group has been defunded.

Marie Stopes Int’l Defunded by US

Some time ago the State Deptartment defunded the United Nations Population Fund for supporting coerced abortion in China. Now it has defunded Marie Stopes International, a large AIDS funding program, because of its close ties with the United Nations Population Fund.

Marie Stopes funds contraception and abortion programs in 32 counties of China with the goal of keeping the one-child population law intact. They force abortion and severely penalize families who have a second or third child, usually with huge money fines. Rather than curtail their abortion program, Marie Stopes is itself refusing to take UN money.

Congratulating the State Department’s Colin Powell are Republican Congressmen Chris Smith, Joe Pitts, Mike Pence and Todd Akin, while expressing regret that the Chinese policy of forced abortion continues.

Silent No More

We hear many stories of women who regret their abortions, and a strong, growing movement is underway gathering under the banner “Silent No More,” women speaking honestly about the trauma of having had an abortion. These women are coming to demonstrations carrying signs that say “I regret my abortion.” I meet them at nearly every talk and clinic protest I attend.

What is new is that they are speaking out as an organized movement. But the regret has always been there. While looking back through some old notes taken in 1984, I came across a statement from early movie star, Gloria Swanson, who died that year, but in her biography she had said:

I heard a voice speaking very clearly. It was inside me and it was the voice of my unborn child. I tried not to listen. It said, ‘Don’t do this ‘ The greatest regret of my life has always been that I didn’t have my baby. Nothing in the world is worth a baby. I realized this as soon as it was too late. I never stopped blaming myself. I was crying out of the guilt I have carried for fifty-four years. I felt empty, sick, bitter and exhausted — and desolate. I was thinking of the price I had to pay for my success. Even if Sid Grauman built me an Arch of Triumph in California as colossal as the one in Paris, it would always have a tomb under it — the tomb of an unborn baby who had picked Henry and me for parents, and who was now dead.

The November Gang

Another glance at what abortion does to women can be found, of all places, in the September 2003 Glamour. The article, “Are You Ready To Really Understand Abortion?” by Daryl Chen, introduces a group called the November Gang, abortion providers who allow women waiting for their abortions to write notes to their unborn babies.

Some of the notes are defiant, but many are quite touching, such as one signed, “The Mom you’ll never know,” and the one that says, “To my little angel. Please understand that you’ll be better off in the hands of God than mine.” Members of the November Gang say they even let women use words like “baby,” “killing,” and “God.”

From the article it appears these mills are scattered all across the country, but there aren’t many that allow the practice While most of the notes are written to say good-bye to a baby scheduled for abortion, the author says a few women have written themselves out of having the abortion and later thank the clinic for having a this program. Basically, the November Gang is trying to make the women feel good about their abortions, but it sometimes backfires.

Yet even this practice of allowing women to say good-bye to their about to be aborted babies and letting daddies scrawl a few lines in a book is absolutely overruled by Planned Parenthood’s Gloria Feldt, NARAL‘s Kate Michelman and abortion chain manager Susan Hill. For these three it’s all business and no good-bye notes to babies.

You’d have to read the article to get the sense of it, but I’m not about to recommend that anyone buy Glamour, so take my word for it, it’s sad and scary and means that we pro-lifers who really do care about women have to work harder to reach them before they get into the mill, where, as former abortionist Dr. Beverly Mc Millan put it so well, they don’t sell adoption, and they don’t sell keeping the baby — they sell abortion.

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