Truth Day Yields Favorable Responses 2 to 1

[Madison Exit]

On Wednesday the Pro-Life Action League held a highly successful one-day Face the Truth tour in downtown Chicago. Repeating sites covered in July, the League volunteers held signs around Daley Plaza where comments ran at least two to one in favor of the display and Attorney Joseph Morris of the Lincoln Foundation went from sign to sign congratulating the sign holders. Over three thousand pieces of pro-life literature was distributed.

Lowell Sachnoff Faces the Truth

The first site was in fact five sites, overpasses spanning the Kennedy Expressway. One passing law student assured Eric Scheidler that abortion was not legal in the third trimester, and that holding these signs was illegal. So much for law students. But then we must recall that it was a bunch of lawyers called judges, in black robes, who decided it was ok to kill babies up to the day of birth, and lawyers who recently legalized sodomy. But we know a few good lawyers.

[Daley Plaza]

Ann Scheidler had the questionable honor of holding a sign of Baby Choice, the little girl with her head held in a forceps with her chin having been torn off during the abortion when none other than pro-abortion attorney Lowell Sachnoff walked by. He commented, “How disgusting” — meaning, we hope, the violence of abortion.

Lowell, one of the attorneys who helped lose NOW v. Scheidler 8 to 1, did not recognize Ann as the sign holder until she greeted him with a cheery , “Hi, Lowell!” Lowell turned on his heel and fled into the crowd. Meanwhile, the woman immediately behind him said to Ann, “God Bless You!”

Public Supports Tour Two to One

One Chicago Tribune photographer took a number of photographs of the non-graphic signs, mentioning that the editors would probably not use an of the truly graphic pictures. He’s right about that. But there is the possibility that a photo may appear in the Tribune on Thursday.

[Madison and Wacker]

Back in the office sentiments were also running two to one in favor of our display. One irate man who had not passed beyond the “four-letter word” limit in his vocabulary, blew off a lot of steam ending with, “I hope God sends all of you to Hell. If there is a God.” Well, at least he believes in Hell. He asked what we were doing about the children being blown up in Israel and why we are only concerned with embryonic masses of cells. We were not allowed to answer any of his remarks because he immediately hung up when his harangue was over.

One man was against abortion but didn’t like the signs and wanted to know what causes abortion. Only he really didn’t want to know very badly because he kept talking through my explanation. There will be one-day Face the Truth tours again on September 17, and again on October 15.

Magazine To Defend Vatican on Homosexuality

Like it or not, we are going to be getting a thorough education on the Vatican’s recent document on homosexual unions. Watch especially in the next couple of issues of the Nation Catholic Register. They promise in an editorial in their August 17 issue, “Homosexuality in your Face,” that this education is necessary to bring home to American Catholics why same sex unions are so devastating, dangerous and debasing. Good idea.

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