League Announces New Project: Truth Days

Letters to the editor are still showing up in Chicago area newspapers in response to our July Face the Truth tour. Calls and emails are coming in to the League office in response to the Maryland Truth tour in early August. We have received commendations from police departments in the cities we visited. And the debate over the relative merits of displaying the truth about abortion goes on.

Truth Days Start Next Week

Here at the Pro-Life Action League we no longer debate whether it is beneficial to show the truth about abortion. We know the answer. It is not only beneficial — it is imperative. And due to the tremendous success of the July Tour, the League has decided to hold one-day tours.

We call them Truth Days. These will be held once a month for the next four months. Your first opportunity to participate in a Truth Day is next Wednesday, August 20. Those who attended any portion of the July Tour will be receiving a post card in the mail inviting you to the August 20 Truth Day. Please make every effort to join us for at least one site on that Wednesday.

We plan to repeat the highly effective downtown Chicago days, beginning with the display of our largest signs on the Kennedy Expressway overpasses, then moving to the Daley Plaza and ending with the Madison Street route to Union Station.

For specific details, watch for your postcard, call the Pro-Life Action League at 773-777-2900 or check the online schedule.

New Peroutka Radio Program

Steve Peroutka, League friend and supporter from Baltimore, has been hosting a radio program in the Baltimore area. He has just contracted with a Salem Christian station in Washington, DC to do a daily 2-minute drive time program and 2 half-hour programs a week reaching thousands of commuters in the nation’s capitol.

His program is called, “Face the Truth,” and will focus on all the aspects of the abortion issue. We applaud Steve for this valiant, aggressive outreach. We will announce the launch date of the new program in the near future.

Annie Scheidler Defends Marriage

Generations for Life director Annie Scheidler participated in a round table discussion of the issue of same sex unions hosted Tuesday evening by the Chicago Tribune‘s Red Eye publication aimed at young adults. Most of the other participants favored either civil unions or even gay marriage.

Annie, although in the minority of invited guests, was able to explain a bit about natural law and the purpose of marriage, as well as point out how the pro-homosexual lobby routinely accuses pro-family folks of being “homophobes.” The results of the discussion will appear in the Red Eye in an upcoming issue.

Generations for Life Curriculum Coming Soon

The Generations for Life curriculum for high school pro-life clubs is nearly ready for publication. We ask for your prayers that this vehicle for educating and empowering young people as pro-life leaders will be a success. We will keep you posted via this news line and our website as to the date the curriculum will be available.

Please encourage parents, teachers and school administrators to make this pro-life information available to their students. The pro-life movement is enriched by each new young leader.

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