Pro and Con On The Truth Tour

Before we leave it alone we want to make one or two comments on the Debate in the Illinois Leader, “pro and con” argument, on the use of graphic photographs of aborted babies that ran on the Illinois Leader website recently, between Jill Stanek and David Smith. Jill’s “pro” arguments of course were ours, that the photographs must be and need to be shown and are being shown to great advantage to the unborn. But some of Smith’s “con” arguments are so glaring we want to touch on them before we leave the issue.

Saving Unborn Children

One is that the Pro Life Action League’s job is to gallantly fight to protect the children. Actually, what PLAL does is gallantly and relentlessly fight to keep unborn babies from being butchered by abortion.

We are certainly concerned for all children, but with parents, care centers, doctors, pediatricians teachers, priests, some nuns, the police, politicians and a myriad of other persons and agencies protecting, or at least willing to protect the born children, we have been concentrating on the unborn ones — the ones who get murdered at the rate of four thousand five hundred per day in this country. So our gallantry is directed primarily at saving the unborn.

Abortion Pictures “Pornographic”?

Smith latches onto violence and pornography as synonymous, and then uses the term “pornographic” in alluding to our pictures. Ugly as they are, they are certainly not pornographic. Use of this word is insulting.

He says pictures restructure the brain, mind and memory. Brains are constantly being structured and restructured. Knowing about the crucifixion restructures the brain. When my grandson saw a segment of Mel Gibson’s motion picture, The Passion, his comment: “That hurt.” Yes, it did. His brain, mind and memory were restructured to know that crucifixion hurts.

So does abortion. Is this so terrible for a child to know? He also knows that it hurts to get cut or to get hit by a train.

Kids Face the Truth

Smith says our pictures are unavoidable. We have warning signs near turn-off spots a half- or quarter-mile from the pictures. Turn off, or tell your kids not to look.

While our images are powerful, disgusting and deeply troubling that is because abortion is disgusting and deeply troubling and if the children are not equipped to see these images maybe that’s where the parents come in — to explain them to them.

Smith says that if one child glances at one of these graphic pictures then the Pro Life Action League has failed miserably in its mission. That would be true if our mission were for no child ever to see these pictures. The fact is children need to see these pictures to learn for sure that abortion is wrong and a mortal sin and that they must avoid those actions that might lead to wanting to get an abortion. These pictures may hold them in good stead later when some one tries to tell them “it’s only a blob of tissue.” They’ll know better.

When Smith drove past our line of pictures and gave us the thumbs up, he must have noticed that a number of those holding the pictures were themselves children, who he believes are so traumatized by them. He may have driven through on the day that a child insisted that his mother stop the car and let him hold one of these frightening pictures, which he did. Mom was proud of him. These parents don’t feel a scintilla of guilt for this restructuring of the brains, minds and memories.

The Truth Saves Lives

Besides, at least twenty women decided not to abort their babies during our Truth tour — and those are only the ones whom we know about. Twenty moms won’t have to attend a Rachael’s Vineyard retreat or go see a psychiatrist and feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

No, David, PLAL didn’t “fail miserably.” PLAL won a mighty victory for the Lord and for Life and for the babies. Cynthia Gorney in “Articles of Faith” says the abortionists have three rules, and they all come down to this: “Don’t let them show the pictures.” So what do we do? Whether Dave likes it or not, we show the pictures.

Good night, David.

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