PLAL and Defend Life Truth Tour In Maryland

The four sites League Communications Director Eric Scheidler and I visited on Jack Ames’ Defend Life Face the Truth tour in Maryland and D.C. Monday and Tuesday proved again how effective the photographs of aborted babies are.

Face the Truth Maryland

Eric and I joined Jack’s tour Monday afternoon in Frederick, MD where eighty stalwarts held signs along Route 40 stretching a quarter of a mile on each side. Most reaction was positive as “Honk for Life” signs were responded to in droves.

Following evening talks in Libertytown, MD we joined the tour Tuesday in Rockville, and in front of the Naval Observatory and at the Holocaust Museum in DC. While it was difficult getting our space in front of the Holocaust Museum, once the picture were in place they were very effective and hundreds of brochures were handed out mostly to tourists who were quick to make the connection between the Nazi holocaust of the Jews and the 1973 United States Supreme Court-imposed holocaust that has already resulted in the deaths of 47 million innocent children and still counting.

Eric positioned signs, gave talks on effective use of the pictures and assisted Jack and crew in maintaining their positions against civilian complaints as well as some police harassment. As does the League, Defend Life plans to hold one-day truth tours throughout the year besides annual one and two week tours.

Ron Brock with his Life Mobile was there as well as the GAP Life Trucks driving the routes where the signs were being held. Face the Truth tours are here to stay and to become a common sight along America’s highways.

Pro and Con on Face the Truth

In a pro and con debate in the Illinois Leader between Jill Stanek and David E. Smith on showing graphic abortion pictures, Jill wins hands down. About the only argument Smith can make is to compare the photographs of little mangled babies with pornography and to argue that children are not ready to look at these pictures. If Smith took a good look at the group holding the pictures he might have noticed that a good percentage were children and they were not having nose bleeds as they held the true images of what we do to kids just a little younger than them at least four thousand five hundred times a day.

Jill’s arguments are the ones we have adopted and fortunately someday the Smiths of this world will finally have to concede that this is a method whose time has arrived — just about thirty years too late. Smith would do well to read the Canadian study that shows that these pictures do not upset children. It is the reaction of hysterical parents that upset the children. My children and grandchildren all grew up with the graphic pictures and they’re as normal as anyone.

And I would ask David Smith if he is willing to accept full responsibility for the women who would have had abortions if they had not seen the pictures, and the babies would not have been saved because we listened to him and stopped the Truth tours. Is David ready and willing to accept that responsibility and stand before the Judge some day and say he was the one who stopped the truth tours. Honestly, David?

Mary Anne Hackett Fights for Life

Our hat is off to Mary Anne Hackett who received a basket full of awards Wednesday Night on Family Pac’s boat cruise on Lake Michigan. Amid tall ships and fireworks Paul Caprio of Family Pac gave Mary Anne the Lifetime Achievement Award. She also received a Bible from Francis Cardinal George and the Fight for Life award featuring a boxer making a knock out punch from the Pro-Life Action League for the way she valiantly fights the enemies of life and has for more than 30 years.

In our brief comments we said Mary Anne has never flinched from imposing her true morality on those who have a false morality or none at all. She’s our kind of fighter.

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