Tour: “I Had No Idea Abortion Looked Like That”

There’s no way to describe a Face the Truth Tour so that it can be fully understood. You simply have to be part of one. But the consensus of all who have taken part in the first three days of this one is that it has been a howling success.

250,000 Chicagoans Face the Truth

[Tour along Michigan Avenue]

A quarter of a million people in Chicago have seen the photographs of Baby Malachi and Baby Choice: Malachi, a little boy cut to pieces in a D & C abortion at twenty-one weeks; and Baby Choice, the severed head of a little girl whose chin was torn off during the barbaric “operation” that took her life. Four showings, north and south, from seven overpasses during rush hours account for at least 150,000 viewers. Lines of these photographs at three major train stations, surrounding the Daley Plaza, and on Lake Shore Drive and at other major arteries account for another 100,000.

[Tour as seen from Kennedy Expressway Northbound]

At least a dozen babies have been saved and only the Good Lord knows how many conversions have taken place on the spot when people who thought they were pro-abortion suddenly know what abortion is — the brutal killing of a child. The constant refrain, “I had no idea abortion looked like THAT! Why, that’s murder!” has become commonplace.

Chicagoland Responds to the Truth

Hundreds have stopped to thank us and some have joined us. Then there are the hate looks, foul language and smart remarks like a young man’s, “I’ve gotten rid of a few of those myself.” The woman who called abortion delicious and said she had eaten a few, and one youth shouting that the country needs more abortion, not less.

[Truth tour along Lake Shore Drive]

A man on a bicycle spit at us, some have kicked our signs, bumped into us, thrown coke cans at us. We’ve heard the inevitable lecture on a woman’s right to her body ad nausium. “Pro-Choice” has been shouted at us by large scary ladies we wouldn’t want to have for neighbors, and we’ve learned what it must feel like to be invisible. We’ve been called crazy, sick, retarded, fanatic and worse.

Police Cooperative

And while we have been assured that what we are doing is illegal and un-American, we have also set the telephones ringing in district headquarters. For the most part the police have been professional and polite and friendly, though one told us a city sidewalk was private property, and some security guards have tried to pretend they are real policemen.

We have been where we wanted to be and we expect this police professionalism to continue through the second week of our Truth Tour.

The Greatest Work on Earth

We know the “hate look,” the “look-through,” and the “you have to be crazy to be doing this” look. We also know the feeling of having brought the truth of abortion to thousands of people with little risk to ourselves, and the knowledge that we have given value and dignity to the 47 million children who have been murdered in this country by abortion since 1973.

[Tour at Van Buren and La Salle]

While we’ve been told by more than one fellow pro-lifer that our Truth Tours are counterproductive and that we should be doing something else, we have found nothing else quite as effective as taking the ugliness of abortion out onto the streets of America. In short, it’s working and if enough people were introduced to abortion the mood of the nation would change.

We wouldn’t miss out on being out there on the front lines of the abortion war for the world. You meet God in a special way out there; on the front lines of His battle, or , as Pope John Paul II said to Fr. Paul Marx, where you are “doing the greatest work on earth.” The Crusaders had a motto that applies to this mission, the Face the Truth Tour: God Wills It.”

We believe He does. Join us. Don’t miss out on one of the most awesome experiences in your life.

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