Pro-Lifers Are The True Patriots

Have a safe Fourth of July Weekend. Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays because it celebrates the signing of the document that guarantees each of us an inalienable right to life, and someday when this Declaration is again taken seriously abortion will be outlawed, as it was intended to be in 1776.

Pro-Lifers Are the True Patriots

When evil lawyers posing as constitutional scholars in 1973 betrayed the original intentions of our founding fathers, the Declaration was betrayed, but it was not negated and its promise of a guaranteed right to life for ourselves and our posterity will be returned one day. When it is again in force abortion will be as unthinkable as slavery is today.

It is the true meaning of this day that we celebrate, not the betrayal the courts have given us. As the true patriots, pro-lifers should celebrate this holiday with more gusto than anyone. The baby killers must hate this day because they are about as patriotic as Benedict Arnold, traitors who make a mockery of the American Dream. So, Happy 4th!

“Father, Forgive Them . . .”

Did you notice the irony of the Supreme Court legalizing sodomy in the Texas Case, just as the liturgical readings were dealing with Sodom and Gomorrah? It is appropriate that as the national media praised the frightful ruling, the Church in its liturgy recounted God’s judgment on the disgusting perversion, now being lauded as Constitutional right.

We have not answered the silliness in the press because these clueless wonders are beyond hope, unless they receive massive doses of grace. Perhaps we should repeat Christ’s plea from the Cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” They wouldn’t know how to handle the arguments from psychology or theology or even logical and nature, needed to correct their wrong thinking. They are on a different playing field.

We hope someone will write them, because they need feedback. But it won’t be from us, with our two-week Face the Truth tour coming up next Wednesday.

Kate: Saint I Ain’t

We have enjoyed some of her pictures during our lifetime, but the truth about Kate Hepburn is that she was a militant pro-abort. Her mother, Katharine Houghton Hepburn, was a friend and co-worker with Margaret Sanger, and helped start the birth control movement. Daughter Kate received honors and plaudits from pro-aborts and established the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Fund to maintain reproductive rights.

Kate said she took contraception and abortion for granted, being brought up with it. As an outspoken supporter of abortion she said she never had any doubts:

None at all. The people who are alive are the ones who interest me. I’m not particularly interested in the next world, because I have no control over it at all. If there is a competition between a fetus and the mother who is carrying the fetus, I’m interested in the one who’s here. Abortion is necessary unless women are going to be absolute slaves.

To her credit she did say, “It’s a mess, isn’t it. I don’t think it’s attractive, any of it: abortion, birth control. I just think it’s the only practical way to handle a situation where the population would go mad otherwise.”

The next world that didn’t interest Kate is probably interesting to her now. Katharine Hepburn signed an inflammatory letter on behalf of Planned Parenthood repeating the lies and exaggerations about clinic violence. She was no friend of pro life, no friend of the unborn, no friend of conservatives or the religious right or laws to restrict abortion. But then she did tell a reporter one time, “Saint I aint.”

At least she got that right. But she had talent, stamina and lived to be 95, and maybe got it right toward the end. At least she deserves a prayer and we ask you to say one for “Kate, saint I ain’t.”

Pray for Pro-Life Win in Northern Ireland

While on your knees, say one for a pro-life win in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life called to request for prayers for an abortion decision to be handed down there Monday, July 7.

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