National Life Center Conference Is Best Ever

Mary Hunt from South Bend Indiana put it in a nutshell Friday when she spoke at the Annual Convention of the National Life Center, Inc. at the Sheridan Four Points Hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC. Mary had seen the morning paper, with its blaring headline, “Gay sex ban struck down,” by the Supreme Court, of course, and other outrageous news stories of the moral rot in our society.

National Life Center Conference

Mary has been in the abortion fight from the beginning and has seen law after law passed to protect baby killing and other moral atrocities. So her question to the assembly was: “Does it seem that the whole world has gone mad?” The answer, of course, is “Yes! The world has gone mad, and we are right in the middle of this madness trying to bring some sanity into it.” And it isn’t easy.

But the conference was a blast, if we can use that word, and spending a weekend with the creme de la creme makes the fight bearable. Denise Cocciolone and her crew know how to put on a fun yet informative and inspiring convention. We have been to four of them and each one is more delightful than the other.

We would hate to be in the baby killers camp, with people like the National Life Center set in battle array. And they do it all on nickels and dimes collected in baby bottles. Next year’s bash will be in Reno, NV. Plan to come.

High Court in Free Fall

We can all breath a sigh of relief for the next few months. The Supremes have gone home until the first Monday in October. They left the nation in a shambles once again, but at least they did give us an 8-1 victory in Scheidler v. NOW, and allowed Congress to put some restrictions on public libraries computers showing filth to minors.

Incidentally, in the weekend edition of USA Today its top twenty major rulings for the 2002-2003 Supreme Court term lists Scheidler vs. NOW No. 4 in the criminal law category. Actually it isn’t criminal law but what do they know. It is one of only two 8-1 rulings in the top 20. While it repeats Fay’s oft repeated lies that we wrecked equipment and attacked patients, it does correctly point out that we did not obtain clinic property, a requirement for extortion, the basis of the racketeering charge.

As to the High Court’s negating of the anti-sodomy laws of sixteen states in their sweeping Texas decision, it simply makes it absolutely clear that the court has totally abandoned all pretense of having any moral basis for whatever it does. The Supreme Court is in a free fall, and will do whatever it feels like doing. It has lost its moorings, and nothing will surprise us so long as it suffers under its present make-up.

Expect the worst from this Court and you won’t be surprised. And while we accept the 8-1 ruling in our favor, and thank you for the prayers that got it, we are nevertheless embarrassed by a favorable ruling from this Court.

Living in Sodom

If you want to see just how sick our society is, read some of the editorials praising the Court’s ruling on gays. Steve Neal: “Gay rights bill getting the sweeping support it deserves.” USA Today: “Court ruling ushers in overdue rights for gays.” And many more cheers, reports of victory parades, homosexuals hugging.

We all know now what it must have been like for the Lot families living in the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s a bit uncomfortable. The Chicago Tribune reports that 400,000 were at the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago Sunday as the Governor of Illinois jogged from one side of the street to the next shaking hands. Fifty politicians marched in the parade, including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.

As protesters yelled, “Sodomites,” someone on Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Divine’s float retorted, “Sodomy’s no felony.” True. And with this court neither is baby killing, pornography, fornication, bestiality, pedophilia or anything, except perhaps displaying the Ten Commandments. This country needs a whole lot of prayers.

NARAL’s New Ad Campaign

World Net Daily says NARAL Pro-choice America is going to spend three million dollars to launch a nationwide pro-abortion ad campaign. But their campaign is mostly just bellyaching at how they are losing, and nothing fails like failure.

The pro-aborts have made most of their gains in the courts and the courts are if anything un-reliable. They tend to go with the tide, and if the tide starts to change so might the courts. At least that’s the fear the pro-aborts have.

Here’s one of their ads:

There is alarming news. We are losing ground on many hard-won victories for women’s rights. There is a growing support for severe restrictions on abortion rights, but few women are joining organizations or making financial contributions to women’s rights groups.

This kind of drivel is supposed to energize the troops? We saw one of their ads. It was all run backwards and made no sense at all. We hope it cost them a bundle. You can blow $3 million pretty fast. Then what?

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