EU Fearful Of American Pro-Lifers

Here is an interesting report from sources overseas out of London. Seems the infamous European Union is warning member countries to keep an eye on Americans who take their pro-life message overseas.

EU Fearful of Pro-Life Americans

The EU is fearful that these groups are undermining EU efforts to give money to the United Nations Population Fund because of the UN policy of supporting forced abortion and sterilization in China. A Paul Nielson of the Overseas Development and Humanitarian Aid committee told members these pro-life groups are using divisive tactics and are powerful, well funded and determined. He called our views extreme on religion and sexuality and said that our ultimate goal is to ban contraceptives and outlaw extramarital sex.

Pro-lifers on both sides of the Atlantic are outraged at this report. Dana Sallon, a pro-life Irish member of the European Parliament, called it outrageous for the EU to set up a monitoring unit to investigate Americans who have a right to look into how their tax money is being spent. She said the EU should at least remain neutral on abortion.

Douglas Sylva of C-FAM, who is highly critical of the UN anyway, said the European Union’s action is testimony to how successful U. S. Pro-life efforts are in Europe. It is practically inevitable that as pro-life becomes more and more identified with U.S. standards of behavior, Europe will feel the pressure to abandon its own pro-abortion proclivity.

Chicago Truth Tour July 9-19

From July 9 to July 19 the Pro-Life Action League will sponsor its annual Face the Truth tour in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, with a stop or two in Northwest Indiana. As Greg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform has said, these graphic photographs convincingly reveal the undeniable truth that abortion kills a baby and convey information which would be lost in written or spoken word.

Yet these photographs are most effective when a large coterie of pro-lifers line up along the public highway or street so that the pictures are repeated. This repetition has an effect of engraving the truth of abortion into the memory of those who encounter them, presenting facts that can’t be taken to the public in any other way.

At every series of truth tours we have attended, women on their way to have abortions are intercepted and decide not to go through with the operation. Call for the schedule of twenty-seven stops during our upcoming tour, or see the schedule here on our website, along with maps of each site. Become part of the happy band of brothers and sisters who will some day be given credit for Bringing America Back to Life.

Hats Off to Judicial Nominee Bill Pryor

Our hat is off to Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor who is the latest Bush judicial nominee to infuriate the pro-abortion and gay rights senate Democrats. Chuck Schumer of Brooklyn called Pryor’s views a stitching-together of the parts of the worst nominees. Schumer is a fine one to talk, being a stitching together of pro-abortion, gay rights and most of those things that are crying out to Heaven to be changed or corrected before this country is unsalvageable.

Pryor was nominated to fill a vacancy on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. To Pryor’s credit, besides being opposed by Schumer, the American Bar Association doesn’t much like his record either. Pryor once canceled a family trip to Disney World to avoid “gay day.” Who in his right mind wouldn’t do the same? Pryor said he had two daughters six and four and made a value judgment not to go. Good decision.

He defends his support for Judge Roy Moore, who displays the Ten Commandments in his courtroom, and called the 1973 abortion ruling “the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history. Not only is the case unconstitutional,” he said, “but it has led to a morally wrong result. It has led to the slaughter of millions of unborn children.” This statement was directed at Pennsylvania’s Republican pro-abortion Senator Arlen Specter.

Among Pryor’s other enemies are The Southern Christian Leadership Council, the NAACP, People for the American Way and Planned Parenthood. Democrat Senators will try hard to keep Pryor from getting a full senate vote.

Am Shalom Picket Fallout

Three weeks after we picketed the Am Shalom synagogue’s hosting of a pro-abortion meeting with Fay Clayton and Personal PAC, letters to the editors are still appearing in the Pioneer Press. Sure, they’re pro and con but the pro-picket letters are so sensible and intelligent and the con letters are so typically selfish and hateful that the exchange can only do pro-life good.

One pro-abort trots out the tired old statistic of thousands of women dying of illegal abortions before Roe and thanks Rabbi Lowenstein for letting their place of worship be used to advance the abortion cause. Carolee Caplan of the National Council of Jewish Women seems to think abortion is a Jewish value and boasts of their campaign to save the abortion ruling. That’s religion? Religion is a right relationship with God. What kind of a relationship supports the killing of God’s most helpless, defenseless creature, the unborn baby? Give me a break!

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