Sun Times Celebrates pro-abort politician Netsch

Well, the flags and bunting have been packed away, the 8 to 1 fans are stored, the 61 speeches recorded for history and the travelers returned home. Even the pro-lifers from Dublin and Belfast are home now and Fr. Paul Marx is back in His monastery in St. Cloud.

But though the “Bring America Back to Life” rally, workshops and banquet are now part of the past, the spirit they engendered and represented are alive and well and moving into the streets and the hospitals and the editorial boards across the world, have no doubt.

American Conversion Underway

This victory is only the beginning of a movement to outlaw abortion worldwide. As we said in the closing of the banquet Saturday night, there will come a time when abortion will be viewed as we now view slavery — unthinkable. While we don’t suggest that you hold your breath until this happens, the fact is that it will happen and is indeed happening as we speak. Rotten and hedonistic as many Americans are there is a whole conversion taking place, very subtly, in this country, beginning with the youth of America.

You have to see it to believe it and we see it everywhere we go: young people are begin drawn to the reality of human life from the beginning, are discovering the rightness of chastity, are looking for deeper meaning to life than just having a good time. Women who have had abortions are admitting to others that it was the worst decision they ever made. Doctors who did abortions are expressing regret, even a few politicians are coming over and believe it or not some journalists are actually seeking the truth and not just taking a political and moral stand for all that is easiest to sell.

Despite silly Sun-Times editorials saying politicians have no business limiting abortion and doing puff pieces on pro-abort has-been politicians like Dawn Clark Netsch as Steve Neal does in Wednesday’s Sun-Times, some are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall: the abortionists’ days are numbered and they ought to start learning the language of the winning side. Fetus is baby, pregnant woman is mother, and yes, abortion is murder. Stick around and watch.

Sun-Times Piece Fawns over Has-Been Netsch

Meanwhile we almost had to picket the Chicago City Club’s gala awards banquet Thursday night if we had taken Neal’s story at face value. If you went simply by his five column story with a photo of Netsch and her best friend — “a tender moment with one of her dogs”; it looks like she’s choking Fido or maybe Fido is going after her jugular –you would think that Netsch is the Big Cohuna at the event.

But informed sources point out that there are lots of awards being given to much bigger names. Neal praises Netsch for her equal rights amendment support and her fixation with women’s so-called rights to privacy. Our file on Netsch shows her a firm supporter of abortion, gay rights and tax increases.

Gay Marriage Comes to Canada

Speaking of Gay Rights, an Ontario Appeals Court has struck down Canada’s legal definition of marriage, which has been the union of a man and a woman, saying it violated the Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that therefore a prohibition of homosexual marriage is unconstitutional. Already marriage licenses have been issued to two homosexual couples, Mike and Mike, and Lisa and Heather. The two Mikes were legally married on Tuesday.

Unless the Appellate ruling is challenged to Canada’s Supreme Court and the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, the Appellate Court ruling remains the law of the land. Can you believe it?. In 2001 the Netherlands were the first country in the world to sanction gay and lesbian marriage, followed quickly by Belgium and Denmark. Well, good-bye old neighbor to the north.

Law Professor Defends Feticide

And finally Brooklyn Law School professor Jennifer L. Rosato tries her best in her syndicated column Wednesday suggest that the court should not allow the Peterson baby to be declared a person because that would erode the precious right to privacy, upon which fiction the abortion right is based. Incidentally, there is no right to privacy in the Constitution as all good attorneys should know.

Existing law is struggling to determine whether the fetus is a person, she writes, and abortion advocates believe personhood begins at conception so that any harm done to the “child” would be actionable but this rule is not reflected in existing law because it would lead to extremes like banning popular kinds of contraception, severely limit in vitro fertilization, incarcerate doctors for first trimester abortions and pregnant women for smoking.

Rosato has to admit that many states — in fact it’s over half — equate a fetus with persons through fetal homicide statutes and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which defines the child in utero as a member of the species Homo sapiens at any stage of development. Rosato, after trotting out all the reasons for considering an unborn child to be a full person under the law, says that “personhood, once given, is hard to take back and would result in the erosion of abortion rights.” So?

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