Truth Tour Visits Mississippi

Final preparations are underway for our gala “Bring America Back to Life” Victory Party this Saturday. Platforms , musicians, balloons, programs, buttons, t shirts, table decorations — all pro-lifers know the routine — but most important are the guests.

Still time to Register for “Bring America Back to Life”

Besides our loyal Action News callers, some of the other celebrities coming to Chicago Saturday are March for Life President Nelly Gray, Human Life International Founder Fr. Paul Marx, present HLI Director Fr. Tom Euteneuer, Former abortionist now pro-life leader, Dr. Beverly McMillan, Priests for Life director Fr. Frank Pavone, Rev. Ed Martin of Ocala Florida, Bernadette Smyth head of Precious Life of Belfast Northern Ireland, Youth Defense leaders from Dublin, Ken Fisher from California, Troy Newman, Jack Ames and the list goes on.

Jerry Horn is flying in to MC the Banquet, Mary-Louise Kurey will MC the Rally. There is still time to register for the Banquet. Rally and workshops are free to the public. Register online or call 773 777-2900.

Inaugural Mississippi Face the Truth Tour

I was a guest of Roy and Dr. Beverly McMillan over the weekend in Jackson Mississippi, where we launched the first ever Mississippi Face the Truth tour, to run throughout the summer and fall. In Jackson Roy had arranged for me to do three radio shows, and interviews with AP and the local press.

A story appearing in Saturday’s Jackson Clarion Ledger quoted abortion clinic operator Susan Hill, a plaintiff in the NOW v. Scheidler Federal law suit saying, “I hope this isn’t starting up a new campaign that upsets women seeking abortions and makes the staff feel unsafe. We had hoped this had changed and they would oppose us in a less hostile way.” Hill runs one of only two abortion mills still open in Mississippi.

Oddly enough it was Beverly McMillan who opened the first abortion mill in Mississippi years ago, before she was converted to pro-life and to the Catholic Faith. I am quoted, “Many people have to see these pictures because they don’t know how bad abortion is.” I pointed out that these peaceful truth tours work: “There were about 3,000 abortion mills in the United States and now it’s down to under 700.” I appreciated seeing the Associated Press writer call the mills “mills” and not “clinics.” McMillan is quoted saying, “This is about loving women and children.”

On Saturday more than fifty pro-lifers took part in the Truth Tour near the New Woman Medical Center on Briarwood Drive. The tour will visit fifteen Mississippi cities and also travel to Alcorn State, Delta State, Jackson State Mississippi State, the University of Mississippi, the University of So. Mississippi Millsaps and other colleges.

Such tours are scheduled also for Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania with the invitation always open for out of state pro-lifers to join these truth tours and take the concept back home to their own state. By the summer of 2004 we hope to have Truth Tours in at least 25 states and by 2006 in all 50 states.

Baffling Words from Two Deceased Roe Justices

Try to figure this out, if you can. Justice William Brennan, diseased, one of the masterminds of the 1973 abortion rulings that have already led to 47 million deaths, said before his own death, “I have a feeling that evolving standards of human decency will finally lead to the abolition of the death penalty in this country.”

Mass killer Harry Blackmun said he was “not going to tinker with the machinery of death.” He said the death penalty was unconstitutional. Both of them know better now, having gone to stand before a Just Judge. But the confusion in the minds of these supposedly wise jurists is baffling: opposing deaths for criminals but not for babies.

Kids and Graphic Abortion Pictures

From July 9 through July 19 the Pro-Life Action League will conduct its fourth annual Face the Truth tour in 27 areas of Illinois and Indiana. The question that always arises during these tours is about how these pictures affect children who may see them. Rosemary Connell of Canada has done a thorough study of children’s reaction and, after studying more than 500 presentations of these photographs, concludes that young children five and under do not react to the photos but react to their parents’ response.

She says when parents respond quietly these children will not notice the pictures or are easily distracted from them. Children between six and nine recognize the truth of the pictures and will mention them and ask questions such as “What happened to the baby?” or “Who hurt the baby?” At this age they are more concerned about their own safety and need a simple reassurance from their parents that they are loved and protected.

Pro-life parents can assure their children that they are fighting to protect all children so this won’t happen to any of them. Pre-teens recognize the truth but their reaction is not horror but a wish to do something to help these babies. One nine-year-old boy asked why the police weren’t stopping people from killing these babies. An eleven-year-old said when “I grow up I’m going to become Prime Minister and stop that.”

Pro-life families show that they are trying to stop it. This is the time children begin to realize there are injustices in the world, and it is important that parents assure them that they are trying to correct the injustice.

Connell concludes that at no age are children harmed by seeing these photos of aborted children. When parents become agitated, yell, swear and make threats against the pro-lifers, children become upset and confused at this misdirected anger. The parental reaction causes anxiety, not the pictures.

Children need to know the truth of the world they are living in. Children are actually upset when their parents tend to defend what they see happening to other children, or when they know their parents are not doing anything to stop it. Connell recommends Fr. Frank Pavone’s pamphlet, Speaking to Children about Abortion, which incidentally we always pass out during our Truth Tours.

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