Teen Abortions Hit 30 Year Low

Your editor will be speaking in the twin cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, this weekend and will meet up with old friend and activist extraordinaire Brian Gibson. The good people of Minnesota have been in the vanguard of the pro-life movement from the very beginning — people like Brian, Brother Mike, Bro. Paul O’Donnell, Mary Ann Kuharsky of Pro-Life Across America, Fr. Paul Marx who authored one of the first books on the abortion holocaust, Debra Braun, Mark Bomchill, former abortion mill guard now pro-life activist and on and on. We have looked to Minnesota for ideas and leadership in the pro-life movement and they have never disappointed us. Full report on Monday’s Action News.

Teen Abortions Way Down

The number of teens having abortions is now the lowest it has been in thirty years, according to national data compiled by the Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Washington Times. The figures aren’t wonderful, but somewhat encouraging and the report lags behind the times, this one coming from 1999. But it shows a trend and it shows that pregnancies among teens were down 27% from 1990 to 1999 and while there were still 24.7 abortions for every 1,000 teens , this was the lowest since 1973 when it was 22.8 per thousand.

Sixty-seven percent of the decline in pregnancy was attributed to abstinence and 33 percent to long term contraceptives. The figures are still a scandal but a trifle less of a scandal as they continue to go down. We won’t be happy until there is no fornication and no abortion.

New Hampshire Parental Notification Bill

Out in New Hampshire a parental consent notification law for girls under 18 was scuttled by a senate committee just after the Governor, Craig Benson, had testified in the parental notification bill’s favor. For years the pro-abortion legislature had defeated similar bills but finally voted right. They did support a provision that the abortionists give minor girls information about alternatives to abortion and encourage parental involvement, but not demand it.

Pro-life groups will lobby to get the bill back into consideration. The Governor had told the committee he wanted to give rights back to parents. Twenty-one states have parental notification laws, though in four states they are inactive due to the pro-abortion courts.

Illinois Faces Three Anti-Life Bills

We don’t even have one in Illinois, the catch basin for abortions. Drop by a mill someday and look at the out of state license plates. And with a pro-abortion house, senate and governor don’t expect much out of Illinois for a while. Our job now is to keep pro-abortion bills from becoming law.

There is still time to call you Illinois state senator and tell him or her to say no to HB 2486, a patently unconstitutional FACE bill, HB 211, which would make your insurance carrier pay for abortifacient and disgusting contraceptives, and HB 3589 that allows cloning and human experimentation. As I say, our job is to keep these atrocities from becoming law.

There will be a very important protest in the metropolitan area next week and we need your presence there. We can’t announce specifics on the Action News Hotline because the baby killers would try to change it or move or something, but call us for particulars at 773-777-2900 and we’ll tell you all about it unless of course you’re a pro-abortion spy. We can almost always spot a spy — they talk funny.

Fay Clayton Won’t Admit Defeat

Poor old Fay Clayton is groveling around in the lower courts trying to resurrect NOW v. Scheidler which she lost eight to one in the Supreme Court. Say a prayer for Fay that she can let go and accept her enormous defeat. She told me the case was not over when we were on the O’Reilly Factor back in February and she is trying to make her threat come true.

We suspect Fay is just digging her pit of defeat deeper and will make it impossible for her to ever fight a credible battle again. She has submitted some kind of brief picking out four phantasmagoric unattended crimes but she won’t tell anyone what these crimes are. She probably doesn’t know herself. Please say a payer for Fay that she can accept her humiliating defeat gracefully, though it’s a little late for that.

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