Study Shows Link Between Abortion And Mental Illness

It would be very discouraging, not to mention depressing and hopeless, to be an abortionist. Stories like, “Surprise Mom–I’m Anti- Abortion” in the New York Times, tell how the children of pro-aborts are joining the pro-life side in droves. As young people begin thinking for themselves they see abortion as the murder of helpless children. National secular polls show for the first time in thirty years that the majority of young people oppose legal abortion.

Women who had abortions have begun a national “Silent No More” campaign, as hundreds showed up all across the U. S. on January 22 to proclaim “I regret my abortion.” Another national “Silent No More” rally is being planned for this summer.

Abortion Linked to Mental Illness, Study Shows

Now, a new study shows that abortion leads to depression and is a cause of mental illness. The study appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It is giving pro-aborts fits.

Researchers found that women who end their pregnancies are 72% more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric problems in the first four years after an abortion than are women who carried their babies to term. Within the first three months after the end of a pregnancy, women who ended the pregnancy through abortion are three times more likely to be admitted to a hospital with a mental health problem than women who delivered their babies.

Dr. Brenda Major of the University of California is trying to counter the study by calling it outrageous and muddy because the author of the study, Dr. David Reardon, opposes abortion. But Sharon Kirkey of Canadian News says the study comes at a time when abortion rights are under increasing attack in the United States.

More than 56 thousand women ages 13 through 49 were interviewed for the study. Researchers were surprised to find that contrary to pro-abortion propaganda that most women felt relief for a while right after the abortion, studies showed that the risk of mental problems are highest soon after the abortion. Two and half times more aborted women had hospital admissions as women suffering from post-partum depression. While the overall percentages of hospitalization were low, they still represented about 6,000 cases of psychiatric admissions of abortion patients per year in the U. S.

David Reardon heads the Elliot Institute in Springfield, IL. Reardon defends his study saying he was objective in his research. He believes women should be warned of the psychological damage an abortion can cause. As more such studies are publicized, along with the scientific proof that abortion causes breast cancer and a myriad of physical and psychological maladies, it will become harder and harder to sell this evil to women — especially to younger women. Eventually abortion will be recognized as the social disease it has always been.

Thank God every day that you and I are not abortionists, but let us pray for the poor devils who are.

June 7 Victory Celebration an International Affair

As plans procede for our gala “Bring America Back to Life” victory rally in the Federal Plaza in Chicago, Saturday, June 7, pro-life leaders from around the globe are telling of their plans to attend the rally. For instance, three members of Youth Defence of the Republic of Ireland will be at the rally, workshops and Banquet. We had a call from Bernie Smyth of Belfast that she and two other members of Precious Life will attend from Northern Ireland.

Canadians by the score are coming down, and we just talked with Father Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International and long time activist, who is coming out of semi-retirement to attend. It’s worth a trip to Chicago just to meet Fr. Marx and hear stories of the pro-life fight in Ireland. We will announce other special guests from time to time on this news line. If you miss this victory rally you’ll be kicking yourself for the rest of your natural life.

Pro-Life Effort Seems to Be Working in Springfield

Word from Springfield IL is that the pro-life calls, e-mails and letters have been reaching state Senators and there’s a good chance now that all three pro-abortion bills currently awaiting a floor vote in the Senate, are more likely to miss the necessary thirty votes than was true a few weeks ago when the campaign to scuttle them began. We will keep you informed. Our source in Springfield sounds encouraged and that encourages us. Now, pray.

Call for Details of Upcoming Picket

We can’t give details here, but we are calling on enthusiastic pro-life activists from the Chicago area to contact us by phone so we can tell you about a very important picket to take place within the next ten days. We’ll be sending a card, but if you want immediate information about this history making protest ask for Ann or Joe at 773-777-2900 or call Tim at 312-782-1680. You’ll be telling your grand children about this one.

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