Group Launches Spiritual Attack on Planned Parenthood

I will be traveling this weekend on two major trips and other staff are too busy to write another Hotline for the weekend. All our extra time is going into preparation for our gala June 7 victory party which should be a real blast.

Help Promote Our Victory Celebration

We are asking all action News callers to help us promote this three part event, a 10:00 a.m. to noon rally in the Chicago Federal Plaza, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. workshops and a festive banquet at the Congress Plaza Hotel at 7:00 p.m. We are expecting pro-lifers from all over the country to attend as we “Bring America Back to Life.”

Illinois Contraceptives Bill in Illinois Senate

Ralph Rivera contacted our office earlier Wednesday to say the insurance bill had its third reading and could come to the Illinois senate floor at any time if the pro-abort sponsors think they have the votes for passage, the State FACE bill (HB 2486) and the stem cell and cloning bill (HB3589) have not had their third reading so are not ready for a floor vote.

He was as we say guardedly optimistic that these three bills can be defeated but there may still be time to reach your state senators with our request that they vote “no” or “present” or take a walk when these three pro-abortion and blatantly anti-life bills come up for a floor vote in the Illinois Senate.

Thanks to Representatives Chris Smith and Joe Pitts

The latest Life Advocacy Briefing says pro-family lawmakers scored big on the Global AIDS bill by getting amendments from pro-life congressmen like Chris Smith and Joe Pitts to allow for a conscience clause so decent people won’t have to deal with condoms in trying to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, and by allowing larger amounts of money to be used for chastity programs.

Pitts and Smith were our heroes when they scuttled the pro-abortion amendment of Charlie Schumer on the bankruptcy bill earlier this year. The whole bill went down to defeat because Schumer had insisted that an amendment be added that excluded pro-lifers from declaring bankruptcy, if saddled with huge damages. This amendment solidified forces in the House that sent the bill to the senate without the amendment and the whole thing failed.

Now Schumer is leading all the pro-abortion Democrats in the Senate in holding up President Bush’s conservative nominees to the various Federal benches. It is obvious to all sane people that these nominees have only one problem that Schumer and his liberal followers can’t tolerate. They aren’t pro-abortion enough.

Hats Off to Rick Santorum

Our hat is off to Sen. Rick Santorum who has not apologized or tried to back out of his sane and sensible comments that if homosexual acts are declared legal then why not bigamy, polygamy and other sexual crimes. Unfortunately not many stalwart Republicans seem to be standing by him as the liberal democrats sling mud at him, but he is taking the mud well and should come out of this smelling like a rose.

Prayer Assault on Planned Parenthood

A special report from Human Life International‘s Fr. Thomas Euteneuer points out some of the horrors of the pro-death Planned Parenthood who are the target of a prayer bombardment by a group of pro-lifers who launched their spiritual attack on March 25 at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D. C. Father calls Planned Parenthood one of the greatest instruments of destruction of our generation, the world’s largest promoter and supplier of abortion and a committed enemy of life. Yet they will be the target of special prayers for nine months.

Father points out that in the past fifty years IPPF has waged war on the poor, introduced population control and family planning through abortion, contraception and sex education He lists as some of its international goals, the two child family, international contraceptive programs, international sex education and preferential funding for it’s godless programs. The problem is that its programs are working and countries are being decimated.

But Fr. Tom reminds us that the greatest gift we can lay at the feet of Christ are repentant sinners, and there are lots of them working for Planned Parenthood so the prayers go up until Christmas day. Join in. And have a happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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