Picket Of NARAL At Fairmont Is Huge Success

The picket at the Fairmont Hotel Wednesday noon to protest an empowerment meeting of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Pro-Choice America Spa and Deli was a howling success.

Twenty Protest NARAL Luncheon

Twenty stalwarts held large signs mostly of baby Choice, the head of a little girl who was aborted so violently that her body was torn off leaving her head without a jaw. The head is held with a bloody forceps. The other pictures used were Baby Malachi and the Holocaust. Malachi is of an early abortion.

These forms of child killing are not only sanctioned by NARAL but are their stock in trade. NARAL deals in decapitation, disembowelment and dismemberment of babies, and lobbies to keep these forms of infanticide legal. They are trying to sell their anti-life ethic to the American people.

Someday these well-dressed, normal looking people who joined the gala at the Fairmont Hotel will either wake up and see the blood on their hands and convert to life, or will have to face a Just Judge who has written on stone and on the fleshy tablets of their hearts,”Thou Shall Not Kill.” We saw NOW attorney Fay Clayton and her husband Lowell Sacknof going into the gala.

Congratulations to all those who braved the drizzle to protest with us at the Fairmont Wednesday. Several got their alert from our website. Others called the Action News Hotline.

Planned Parenthood’s Abortifacient Pills Drive-Through

Something new in the bizarre abortion trade is a Planned Parenthood mill under construction in Portland, Oregon that will offer a drive-through window, not for abortions, but for practically the same thing: to dispense abortifacient pills and condoms. Nancy Bennett, spokesman for PP of Portland said this window service will enable them to serve twenty percent more patients.

The original mill opened in 1993 but became too small, so is expanding. The abortion mill is a magnet for pro-life protesters, and mill operators say they are taking security precautions to prevent “potential violence.” What about the violence of killing children, ruining women’s lives, and driving them to suicide?

The new mill is a gift of the Charla Richards-Kreitzberg Foundation. How would you like that to your credit on Judgement Day?

Kate Michelman’s Double-Speak

Steve Neal has a puff piece on NARAL‘s Kate Michelman in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times. Among some non facts in Neal’s puff piece is a statement that the majority of the American’s consistently support abortion.

Steve hasn’t been keeping up with the national polls. We might even ask Steve why abortion is in trouble if so many Americans support it, or how Kate can say: “If Roe is overturned, fully half the states would swiftly ban or severely restrict abortion.”

Steve reveals the main reason Michelman fights to keep abortion legal: she is in denial over her own abortion. She claims her family’s survival was at stake and the birth of a baby would have destroyed her family?

One good thing about Neal’s article is that it is accompanied by a two column head shot of Kate that we were able to blow up and use at our protest. Thanks Steve.

Court Victory in South Carolina

Good news out of South Carolina. The United States Supreme Court has cleared the way for health authorities there to collect names, addresses and other information about women seeking abortions in South Carolina, ending a lengthy legal challenge. This ruling makes South Carolina the first state to permit such medical records to be investigated.

The Attorney General for South Carolina says the new ruling is reasonable and will help police in criminal investigations crack down on child abuse and assist licensing authorities when a mill or its staff are under investigation. The pro-aborts are madder than a flock of wet hens.

Send Kudos to Senator Santorum

Our Hat is off to Senator Rick Santorum who told reporters that Texas has the authority to enforce laws against homosexual conduct and that if the Supreme Court overturns the Texas law it would have to allow other forms of private sexual activity such as bestiality, adultery and pedophilia. He didn’t disparage homosexuals as such as people with a grave malady, but did say states have the right to prohibit sodomy, which, of course they have and should enforce.

Rick had the guts to point out that if anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional so are these other laws. Liberals are trying to get him to step down from his GOP Leadership post but so far he has held his ground. Life Advocacy suggests you call the Capitol switchboard and leave a message for Sen. Santorum encouraging him to stay true to his comments. That’s 202-224-3121.

Pray for June 7 Gala

Say a payer and ask your children to pray that Saturday, June 7 will be a beautiful warm, bright, cloudless day for our “Bring America Back to Life” victory rally in the Federal Plaza in Chicago. We are making plans for this rally and hope for a huge turnout.

The Plaza is the site of the two-hour rally, 10:00 a.m. to noon. The famous Congress Plaza Hotel is the site of workshops from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. and the gala banquet at 7:00 p.m.

You will be receiving an invitation. Thousands of flyers have been distributed. If you want color flyers call us at 773-777-2900, or download and copy the black-and-white version. You can also sign up online.

See you in Chicago June 7!

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