PFL New York Truth Tour Gets National Support, Saves a Baby

Three members of the Pro-Life Action League attended Priests for Life‘s first Face the Truth Tour in New York Sunday and Monday. We joined more than sixty pro-lifers from all parts of the country along Fifth Avenue and Central Park near the Plaza Hotel Sunday afternoon, then moved to the New York Public Library at 42nd Street.

National Turnout for New York Face the Truth Tour

Thirty “Survivors,” a teen group from California, flew in from Los Angeles with Jeff White. Pat Mahoney of Washington D. C. was there, as well as Jack Ames of Baltimore. Ron Brock of San Diego, with his highly decorated truck was there as wall as Chris Slattery, Bob Rust from Indiana, and on and on. We know for certain that at least one woman contemplating an abortion decided against it when she saw the photographs of aborted babies.

On Monday we were in Brooklyn, but after the second stop the snow was coming down so hard and fast that the third stop was canceled. Some of us took a cab to the Newark airport, since flights were also being canceled. We returned to Chicago later that evening. The New York tour is still taking place, with the last stop scheduled Thursday in Queens.

Help Fight Illinois Anti-Life Bills

Ralph Rivera of Illinois Citizens for Life has sent out an “action alert” urging that Illinois pro-lifers all contact our state senators concerning three pro-abortion bills passed by the House and now about to be taken up by the Illinois Senate.

House Bill 2486, the so-called “Illinois Freedom of Access To Clinic Entrances Act,” would allow abortionists to intimidate pro-life sidewalk counselors or protesters by allowing anyone associated with the abortion mill to bring civil actions against the pro-lifers for doing almost anything the abortionists don’t like for pro-lifers to do. This frightening and blatantly unconstitutional bill can hardly be described without the listener believing it has to be a joke; but it is very real and very serious.

Here is some of the wording: abortion clinic owners, employees, assistants could bring a civil action to enjoin the violation for compensatory and punitive damages, for the costs of the suit as well as fees for attorneys and witnesses, against any person who interferes with or attempts to interfere with access to reproductive health services.

How broad can you get? The proposed bill even sates that Attorney General Lisa Madigan may bring civil action against the pro-lifer. This is a sick bill. As we said, this bill is not yet in a Senate Committee. But it isn’t too early to call your senator and let him or her know what a draconian bill it is.

Two other pro-abortion bills must also be defeated. They need phone calls, too. They are HB 211 that would require health insurance to pay for contraceptives and abortifacient drugs in Illinois, and HB 3589 that would allow stem cell experiments from live aborted babies and live human embryos and would allow cloning for medical and scientific research. These nightmare bills must be defeated too, so call your senator today.

All three of these killer bills have passed the full House and are awaiting Senate action. So call your state Senator and say no to HB 2486, HB 211 and HB 3589. For more information on reaching your senator call the state operator at 217-782-2000 or visit the Illinois General Assembly website. If you don’t know your Sate Senator’s name, call Illinois Citizens for Life at 630-852-5448 or Illinois Federation for Right to Life at 866-465-2229 for help, or legislator search. Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you don’t know your State Senator. You are by far in the majority.

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