Closed: 99 Ways To Take Action Now

When I wrote my book on activism, CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, I said in the introduction that the book was all based on the equation that abortion equals murder. I said the book would only make sense to people who truly believe that abortion is the unjust, premeditated taking of an innocent human life.

I have not for one second since I wrote those words had any doubt but that they are absolutely true. Abortion is cold blooded murder and will be wrong until the end of time. I pointed out that about 4,500 innocent human beings were killed by abortion every day, that this slaughter of our posterity was killing our nation, both physically and spiritually. I said that we cannot as a nation wait for the legislative and judicial process to make abortion illegal, but must save lives now: “No social movement in the history of this country has succeeded without activists taking to the streets.”

You can read the rest of the book yourself, but those are the basics. We, as believing people must do something about the unjust killing of helpless children or we miss our place in history. Many people took heed of those words and became more active in fighting abortion. One woman from Kansas called me to say she had done everything suggested in the book. She had used all 99 ways to shut down the abortion industry. At least forty people responded to chapter 99, “Write the Next Chapter Yourself,” and sent me excellent ideas.

Let’s Use Our New Freedoms!

The reason I mention this book now is that it is as useful and fresh today as it was in 1985 and the need to put these suggestions to work is still as urgent today as it was then. The only difference now is that we have just won a new freedom to follow these suggestions.

While it may be too costly now to conduct a rescue (Chapter 32), every other chapter can be practiced with enthusiasm with just a little sacrifice of time and a little wear on your ego. You can sidewalk counsel with impunity, picket pro abortion politicians, demonstrate, leaflet, write pro-life letters to the editors, talk in high schools, show the graphic pictures and on and on.

And you really must do something because abortion is the crisis of our age. Fighting it is the greatest work on earth, and some day you will stand before the Judgment seat of God and have to answer for your war record. What did you do when they were killing my children at abortion mills? I would hate to have to say at that solemn moment, “Well, I was against abortion and I attended some banquets, but I just wasn’t cut out for those other things. Activism wasn’t my thing.”

How frightening to find out, too late, that it was, in fact, your thing, and you didn’t do it. The message we got from the 8 to 1 ruling by the United States Supreme Court is that was indeed your thing and my thing and the very thing that every able bodied man and woman was called to do at some time in his or her life so long as abortion is the law of the land.

That is the message I intend to preach until the day I die. We each must come out and teach the value of every human life or we will surely be held responsible for ignoring the Lord’s clear command, “Go and teach.” We teach with leaflets We teach with pictures of aborted babies. We teach through our conversations, by writing letters, calling talk shows, counseling in front of abortion mills, volunteering in Crises Pregnancy Centers, getting educated on life issues, and praying for the women and the abortionists.

The Hand of God

I saw and experienced directly the power of concentrated and persistent prayer when I read the ruling in Scheidler v. NOW February 26. When I laid down that ruling I knew without doubt that God had has his hand in this victory. It was His will that we should win and make that win motivate us to renew our commitment to fight abortion.

We have seen the effects of ardent prayer over and over again. At the abortion mills we have seen women prayed out of the clinic. We have seen hardened, angry women and men become as meek as lambs and thank us for being at the clinic only minutes after they had cursed us for interfering with their lives.

Miracles are almost commonplace in the pro life movement. Some of us have come to take miracles for granted. We’ve come to depend on prayer and expect prayers to be answered. We have decided to take Christ’s words at face value: “Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened to you.” Jesus said to us,” If you ask the Father anything in My name He will give it to you.” He didn’t make empty promises. He is Truth itself and his promises come true.

At the end of the book, in Chapter 99, I say that there has to be an all out effort to end the tragedy of abortion, and that while the abortion industry will eventually destroy itself, we must speed up that inevitable destruction through our peaceful but effective methods. And even if we do not write the final chapter on the end of abortion ourselves, our children will. Or, our children’s children surely will.

That is my theme henceforth, and I will not waver from it because as one gets older the important things become more clear and have to be repeated so that no one can say he hasn’t heard them. “Little children,” St. John kept saying, ” love one another.” His disciples must have ached to hear more about his three years with Christ, but old men get that way. And old pro-lifers keep saying, “Go out there on the front lines and win this battle for the Lord, and for our country, yes, and for yourself.”

Please Pray for George Pabich

Steadfast sidewalk counselor Brian Pabich has lost his father. Brian is a hero of the pro life movement, keeping a 6:00 a.m. vigil year after year at Albany abortion mill. George Pabich’s wake is Friday from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Donnellan Family Funeral Home, 10045 Old Orchard Road in Skokie. The Funeral Mass is Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at St. Joseph Church, Lake Ave. and Ridge Road in Wilmette.

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