Unfortunately PBA Ban Won’t Save Any Babies

More encouraging news to people who respect human life is the passage of the Partial Birth Abortion ban in the United States Senate by a two to one margin, 65 to 32.

Although a ban on partial birth abortion will probably not save any babies’ lives, it will at least shake up the abortion crowd and start in the ball rolling toward the outlawing of all abortions. It may begin the process of eroding the wide and mindless permissiveness of Roe v. Wade, which allows abortion for any or no reason by any methods a baby killer can dream up, at any time during pregnancy from conception, for any or no reason until the day of birth.

Inhuman Partial Birth Abortion Procedure

The partial birth method is so gross that its description has been one of its best arguing points. Even died in the wool pro-abort senators voted to outlaw it, it’s so ugly and mean.

Partial birth abortions are done by delivering the baby except for it’s head, which is retained in the birth canal. Then a scissors or other sharp tool is jabbed into the base of the still-live baby’s skull and into that gaping wound is jammed a plastic canula or sharp pointed tube attached to a powerful suction machine. The machine is turned on and the brains of the baby are sucked into a bottle and the head collapses. This makes it easy for the murderer to pull the head out the rest of the way.

Of course, partial birth abortions are actually more humane than the other abortions, such as D & X and D & C, but there’s something about a kicking, squirming baby almost totally delivered being murdered outside the mother that outrages most normal people. When we can educate the legislators that all abortions are murder we will get some better legislation.

Why do we say a ban on this method probably won’t save any babies? Because abortionists will just do another kind of abortion or will go ahead and do this kind of abortion knowing that there will be no one checking on them. However, we will know who they are and be watching them like hawks and nothing would make pro-lifers happier than see abortionists slapped in jail where all abortionists belong. The only thing that would make us happier would be their conversion. But otherwise, jail.

Illinois Choose Life License Plate Setback

The bad news in Illinois is that the committee considering the Choose Life license plate voted 6 to 4 against it. The vote was strictly down party lines, four Republicans for the plates, six Democrats against helping families who want to adopt and women who wish to put their babies up for adoption.

Unfortunately, we can expect our new breed of Springfield Democrats to be against something as loving as a Choose Life license plate to help children and parents. It is difficult for we old timers to recall that it was once the Springfield Democrats whom we counted on for our pro-life votes. History. Yet even one pro-abortion Republican voted for the plates.

We Are Winning

We are slowly coming to realize that what we have predicted for many years is coming to pass. Our movement is winning. Polls show that the majority of Americans are now pro-life. Young people are coming out of the woodwork and joining the movement. Pro-life bills are becoming law.

Sure, we have a pro-abortion government in Illinois, but that’s the exception rather than the rule, and here it is because so many Christians and even Catholics don’t know right from wrong and that’s in great part because of weak leadership. But even that is going to change when some of the young priests and pastors in training get out into the pulpits. The abortionists know the mood is changing and they are scared white.

If you want to now just how bad it is in the abortion camp, take a look at Mark Crutcher’s excellent book, Access. Call us about it or get it from Mark’s website. There’s no tonic like knowing how miserable your enemy is. Unless it is knowing how strong pro-life is becoming.

Media’s Many Errors

Ron Galloy, who heads up Life: God’s Sacred Gift and spends many hours a week at the sites of the New York media headquarters with information about abortion, complained recently to the NBC headquarters that in their reporting on the Supreme Court victory they made many errors in their semantics, such as calling abortion a right, referring to the killing centers as clinics, discussing women’s health in relation to having abortions, calling women patients, which they are not since they are not in need of health care but are merely electing to have a form of surgery that kills another, and calling the abortion war an issue.

Ron is of course absolutely right on each point, but we doubt if he will ever hear from NBC. But don’t give up. Someday even the media may begin using the right words to describe America’s Holocaust. I may never live long enough to see it, but my children might.

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