Estrada Nomination Filibustered

Sometimes you have to choose your friends on the basis of who their enemies are, and judge Miguel Estrada seems to have all the right enemies, so he must not be too bad. President George Bush’s choice for the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is being filibustered in the Senate by the pro-abortion Democrats because they think Estrada is too pro-life.

Never mind that he argued with NOW against our RICO case back in the early nineties. The baby killers still think he is too pro-life and maybe he is. After all, he was only arguing that RICO was so badly written that NOW could use it, which they did.

Frist Should Stand Firm on Estrada

Nevertheless we would like to see him on the bench in D.C.–especially if it upsets NOW and the Democrats. The Republicans need six Democrats to join them to break the filibuster and get an immediate vote on Estrada. We hope the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist holds fast and allows no Senate business.

Tom Jiping of the Concerned Women for America thinks Frist will stand firm and Bob Novak says the only way to get Estrada confirmed will be to continue around-the-clock sessions of the Senate. This will take courage and will mean cots brought into the capitol, three a.m. quorum calls and sergeants-at-arms sent out to arrest senators who leave. With important events taking place the liberal senators will be seen for what they are: sore losers, holding up Senate business to defeat a Bush nominee whom they fear is not liberal enough, even though he is eminently qualified.

Even the Washington Post, no friend of conservatives, blasted the Democrats and advised them to vote, up or down, and stop the foolishness. The Post called their filibuster deplorable, repugnant and incoherent and said their argument against Estrada is unpersuasive and offensive.

White House Continues To Support Estrada

While the White House says Bush remains fully 100-percent dedicated to the confirmation of Estrada, a call to your senators would not hurt. Wherever you are calling from, phone your state’s senators at 202-224-3121. Just mention their names to get through to them.

Alberto Gonzales, Bush’s legal counsel, says the Democrats may suffer a serious backlash in stalling the Estrada nomination: “If Hispanics believe Estrada is being held to a different standard it may harm the Democrats in the future.” Bush focused his weekly radio address solely on this nomination, calling the already 21-month delay on approving Estrada a disgrace.

Further delay and the Democrats may lose the Hispanic vote because of this biased treatment of the first Hispanic nominee to such a high position. Since Hispanics are now the main minority voting block in the country — the blacks having decimated themselves through abortion — the Democrats are once again shooting themselves in the foot.

Pro-Life Bills in Congress

Coming up in Congress: a human cloning ban, the Vitter restrictions on use of RU 486, and possible use of federal money for 3-D ultrasound equipment for crisis pregnancy centers. Cloning scientist Alan Coleman has said the early death of the cloned sheep, Dolly, bodes ill for cloning human beings. Coleman says it would be scandalous to go ahead, given our knowledge about the long term effects of cloning.

Indiana Abortion Restrictions Upheld

Here’s some good news out of Washington: the U. S. Supreme Court turned down an abortion appeal to overturn an Indiana law that requires that women have a face-to-face meeting with an abortion doctor to discuss alternatives to abortion before she can go ahead with an abortion. The pro-aborts got a lower court to judge that the requirement was too harsh and would dissuade at least one out of ten women from having their abortions.

Now the aborts in Indiana have to tell about the medical risks of abortion and about alternatives to abortion at least 18 hours before the scheduled procedure. Currently the pro-aborts can give the info over the phone. The pro-aborts say it places an undue burden on poor women and women who don’t want anyone to know they’re having an abortion and yet have to stay a day extra. The Seventh U. S. Circuit in Chicago found the “in person” counseling rule constitutional, and that ruling now stands. While it may be only a small victory, it is victory nevertheless.

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