League Protests Sharpton at St. Sabina

Fifteen stalwarts braved cold and wind Sunday to stand in front of a south side Catholic church to protest a militantly pro-abortion politician speaking at a Catholic Mass.

Pro-Abortion Al Sharpton Speaks during Catholic Mass

Once again Fr. Michael Pfleger had invited a pro-abort to address his congregation at St. Sabina Catholic Church. Despite clear and vocal disapproval of Francis Cardinal George, Pfleger went ahead with the charade as Al Sharpton blasted president George Bush and spoke of Negro amnesia — forgetting their roots. Members of the congregation leapt to their feet at least a dozen times and the band did little impromptu riffs.

The fifteen pro lifers outside displayed pictures of Christ holding an aborted baby in his hand and pictures of black babies with the word LIFE.

Fr. Pleger’s Nonsense “Pro-Life” Stance

Pfleger excused his choice of a pro-abortion politician, saying he, Pfleger, has been against abortion for twenty-eight years, but sees abortion in broader terms than the protesters see it: “I think we need to broaden abortion so it’s not just about the womb, but the classroom and the corporate room. Wherever life or potential is killed, that is an abortion.” It is poetic, and it’s nonsense, but the crowd loved it.

But according to a Chicago Sun-Times story Monday, Pfleger took some jabs at the white protesters outside, asking where they were when St. Sabina was denied membership in the south side Catholic conference. “I wished they would have joined us when the Catholic churches voted us out of the league, because where they are protesting right now they said was unsafe for their women and children.”

Fr. Pleger’s Silence on Abortion, the Black Holocaust

Where were we when Pfleger was having his basketball problems? We were out fighting abortion. And how does he connect that red herring with his inviting a pro-abortionist to his church to give the Sunday sermon?

But if Pfleger wants to play the old “where were you when . . .” game, we might ask him where was he for the past thirty years as one out of three abortions are performed on black women. Where was he when we were at the mills trying to save these black women and their babies?

Where was he, if he’s so pro-life, when black pro-life preachers were looking for churches to talk in, with the message of life: people like Rev. Johnny Hunter, Caesar LeFor, Johnny Tyler, Hiram Crawford Jr. or Spencer Leak?

Incidentally, according to a Chicago Tribune account, at one point during his talk Sharpton said it’s the height of hypocrisy to love the babies before conception but not love them after they’re born. First of all, there’s no one there before conception. It’s at conception that a baby is present. But at least Sharpton was using the word “baby.”

Unraveling the Good Done at St. Sabina?

While Fr. Pfleger has done some good things at St. Sabina, he seems determined to unravel the good he has done by playing the abortion card with these strange guests addressing his flock.

While at St. Sabina we talked with dozens of parishioners, the media and former parishioners who are dissatisfied with the present regime. We also heard arguments that women have a right to decide and that pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion.

We distributed several hundred flyers showing that the leading cause of death among blacks is abortion–more black babies have been killed by abortion than total deaths of blacks from all other causes combined, that abortion mills are strategically placed in black communities, that one third of abortions are on blacks, and that abortions among married black women are almost five times more prevalent than among married white woman. Hispanics have replaced blacks as the biggest minority group in the U. S.;more than fifteen million black babies have been aborted since 1973.

Pray for Fr. Pfleger

The brochure encourages pastors to speak out on abortion. Maybe Fr. Pfleger will read one of these and start inviting pro-life guests to take over his pulpit.

Media coverage of our picket was sketchy at with the Chicago Tribune totally ignoring the protesters. The TV channels only panned the group. While we appreciate Fr. Pfleger’s signing on as an amicus in NOW v. Scheidler, our case before the Supreme Court, and while we pray for Father and ask you to do the same, some of his own parishioners fear he has gone too far this time. We think perhaps he has.

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