March For Life Is Huge Success

Old time pro-lifer Joe Wall from Philadelphia has an item in the January issue of Celebrate Life called “The Elephant in the Room.” Joe’s elephant in the middle of the room is ignored by elegant people sipping cocktails and talking enthusiastically as though the elephant isn’t there.

The Elephant in the Room

A stranger walking into the room, Joe writes, would see these people acting as though everything is normal and would see the elephant and might try to point it out to them. The guests would look at him as though he was crazy or at least rude. Joe says this elephant in the middle of our society is abortion but all kinds of people are trying to pretend it isn’t there. This is the reaction, Joe writes, of even a majority of Christians.

This elephant, the abortion holocaust, has slaughtered 45 million American children, and is being ignored. If you point it out these people look startled and uncomfortable. Joe says that ignoring this beast will some day cost us dearly. Our society will eventually collapse if we don’t do something to remove the elephant soon.

But it’s true that most Americans are trying to ignore the elephant. Meanwhile, the media are perched on its back. And Democrat candidates court and feed the beast. When a huge turn-out of pro-lifers march down the streets of the nation’s capital, most of the media ignore that happening or try to counter it with stories praising the few abortionists who show up.

Enormous Turn-Out at 2003 March for Life

We were in Washington Wednesday and attest to the fact that the crowd was not only enormous but young and enthusiastic. On Thursday an aid to President Bush assured us over lunch that there is definitely going to be some pro-life action from the White House, like pro-life appointments to federal judgeships. And as bills to cut down on abortion and protect the unborn are passed in Congress, he says they will be signed by Bush. That’s what he said and we expect it to happen–and the baby killers are scared to death that they may lose some of their power to murder helpless babies

In Washington we addressed the American Life League conference, spoke to a Catholic group from Rhode Island, addressed the Buffalo, NY pre-march conference and acted as M.C. for the Speak Out Illinois program, did some radio shows and a segment for EWTN television, and marched with 200,000 pro-lifers up Constitution Ave. We were busy.

The Best and Worst of Roe Anniversary Coverage

Secular reporting of the pro-life events was, as usual, pretty bad, but totally misrepresenting the truth was their skewing of some new polls that show the pro-life position is actually winning. The pro-abort press tried to make it look as though Americans really favor most abortion. They misrepresent these recent polls that indicate a clearly that Americans are turning to pro-life.

Not all the secular coverage was bad. There was a story by the Chicago Tribune’s Mike Hackett Tuesday that told how Congressman Henry Hyde got into the abortion battle and authored the Hyde Amendment, how the Christian right grew into the movement, and how Ronald Reagan’s successful candidacy was in great part due to anti-abortion backing and the growth of power and influence in the pro-life movement. Hackett concludes with Hyde’s famous, “How do you compromise somebody else’s life? When people come up and criticize me I always tell them ‘I am glad you were born.'”

One of the very worst pro-abort columns was Cindy Richard’s “Fifty Years of Choice in Jeopardy.” It was in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-times. Cindy seems terrified that the right to exterminate living unborn children might be threatened by pro-life gains. She can’t understand why we would dare conduct a war on women who have already had two generations of legal baby killing! She argues that so long as their lives are not perfect, women will continue to need abortion. It’s sad that Cindy thinks the lucky women are those who have easy access to abortions. What’s lucky about having a dead baby on your conscience?

A Sun-Times editorial says smugly that Roe is here to stay because abortion is good politics. Theses people don’t know anything about pro-life resolve. They haven’t got a clue. We will never give up and eventually life will win out over death. In fact, as we speak, we are winning the war against the unborn.

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