Life Talk Series Premiers with guests Scheidler, Hunter, Malec

We have just returned from Denton, Texas where we did interviews with Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics for his new series of Life Talk programs that will be aired over various channels into seven million homes.

New Life Talk Series from Life Dynamics

We do not yet have the particulars about when and where the programs will be received but we were with a great crew of pro-life leaders for the first series: Johnny Hunter of Learn, an outreach to African Americans and especially black pastors, with Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer who presents thirty studies showing clearly the medically proven connection between early abortion and breast cancer later in life.

Karen Black of Atlanta who, one of the nation’s foremost sidewalk counselors at abortion mills was there to explain her counseling methods. Karen has saved thousands of women from the disaster of abortion. I was able to discuss the ramifications of the NOW v. Scheidler eventual court decision and the increase of effective pro life activism.

Hundreds of Women to Express Abortion Regrets

Friday morning I heard from Janet Morana of Priests for Life that from January 17 through January 25 in 43 states 575 women will be holding large signs saying, “I regret my abortion.” They will give their post abortion testimonies. And on January 22 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. fifty women will be in front of the U. S. Supreme Court Building with these signs and will discuss the treachery of legalized abortion on this thirtieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

For more information on this program visit www.helpafterabortin.com. If you are a post abortive women and want to join this effort call Janet Morana at 718 980-4400.

Annie Scheidler in Tribune’s Red Eye

Be sure to pick up a free copy of the Friday January 17 issue of the Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye. The cover story is entitled “Still Divided: Roe. v Wade 30 Years Later,” and among those featured are the new Respect Life Director for the Archdiocese of Chicago Mary Louise Kurey and Annie Scheidler, director of Generations for Life the youth outreach arm of the Pro-Life Action League.

There are also stories from the usual abortion supporters and statements by women who had abortions. The story by Allison Neumer is fairly well balanced except that you really can’t balance a story on killing babies any more than you could balance a story on pedophilia or rape. Some things are so clearly wrong that noting in the world can make them even a little right all the sob stories in the world won’t justify a single abortion. But given today’s culture and media bias for abortion, we give Allison credit for her presentation. Besides, Mary Louise and Annie are the best looking women in the article.

New Book on Doe V. Bolton

If you want to see treachery in action, read a little book by Sybil Fletcher Lash called Supreme Deception. It is the truth about Doe v. Bolton, the companion case to Roe v. Wade. If this wasn’t a colossal set up to get abortion legalized through lies, malfeasance, chicanery, fraud and abject evil we don’t know what ever was.

The babies didn’t have a chance from the beginning. Pro abortion fanatic Marjorie Pitts Hames arguing for the abortionists. Enough said. Sandra Cano’s defense didn’t seem to know for sure whether Doe really existed and the Court could care less. The ruling by the High Court was a sham and a blight on the integrity of the whole court system. Through this treachery forty seven million human beings have already been murdered under the law with only the good lord knows how many still to be slaughtered.

If Roe v. Wade was a lie, Doe v. Bolton was the devil himself. You won’t be able to put it down and you can do it in one sitting because it’s only 85 pages with a 50-page appendix which is the actual argument before the High Court. There will eventually be hell to pay for the abortion rulings. The Court sold the baby down the river and the babies never had a chance.

Even state law had a wide variety of conditions that would permit the woman to have an abortion and the defense almost apologized for suggesting that the state retain the right to make the exceptions and not totally abandon all state’s rights to protect some unborn babies. It is hard to read Supreme Deception and not conclude that there was a master plan best described in crime land code, “The fix was in.”

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