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I went over the material that you sent me and I love it! I showed it to my best friend Jamie who is helping me with the project and she’s gotten so excited about it I can hardly believe it. At first I wasn’t sure about what people would think, but I talked to some kids from school and I’ve gotten nothing but positive reaction. I’m determined to have you come speak to us because I know there are a lot of kids that don’t understand how bad abortion really is.

I really think this will be a success at my school. Thanks to you and your family’s hard work and sacrifice. Thank you so much,
Liz Chadwick, Cary NC

I just found you on-line, and we are just looking to begin a pro-life club at our school this year! This site has been extremely helpful. The school is asking us to come up with objectives, plan, etc. to present to them so they can make a decision about the club. This helps a lot! God Bless you all!
Donna West, Green Bay, WI

Dear Annie,
Wow! Thank you so much for everything! I received your curriculum today. When I opened it I couldn’t believe all of the stuff that was in there! Wow! I love the baby model. It’s so precious. And all of the brochures are great. I can’t wait to use them. Your curriculum is amazing! You completely solved my problem of having a lack of material for meetings. One of my very favorite ideas is to have an Abortion Awareness Week! I really am so anxious to start! I really cannot thank you enough because you gave me such a head start into things, and so many great ideas.
Sandra, El Paso, TX

Dear Annie,
Thank you for your thoughtful email. I was wondering if you could answer a few concerns of mine. I would love to start a pro-life club either this year or next at my school, but what could I say to get people interested? People are so busy as it is, I’m afraid that no one will end up coming to meetings or staying interested. What can I do to entice people to come?
Sarah Jones, Saint Thomas More HS, Champaign, IL

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is from Annie’s reply to Sarah:

Don’t be discouraged. Start first by praying and asking God for help. Next ask some of your friends or classmates if they would be interested in a pro-life club. Have an informal meeting to discuss the purpose and mission of the club. Next contact your school administration and find out what you need to do to be officially recognized as a club. Be sure to meet all the requirements.

I am sending you the GFL Curriculum to give you further direction and continued support.
Be assured of my prayers for you! God bless!—Annie

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