Elizabeth’s New Life Center Offers Real Hope to Moms

Elizabeth's New Life Center

While in Dayton, OH for a sidewalk counseling seminar, Ann and Annie Scheidler had the opportunity to visit Elizabeth’s New Life Center, a comprehensive pregnancy assistance center. The Center anticipates everything a pregnant woman or new parents could possibly need to choose life or give care to their new babies. Forty-two volunteer counselors and a full-time director of counseling offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasound on the premises and prenatal exams. They also have two doctors who devote many hours to caring for pregnant clients.

Clients who have a positive pregnancy test are referred to the Holy Family Prenatal Care Center, located right in the ENLC complex, where they can receive full care whether they have health insurance or not. Counselors stay in close contact with the pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancy and bring a gift to the mothers at the hospital when the baby is born.

Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s services do not end with the birth of a baby. If a woman has had an abortion they offer post-abortion counseling. New moms and dads are encouraged to attend classes on parenting, child safety and nutrition. For each of these Life Skills classes attended they earn coupons for the Mother and Child store where they can “purchase” baby clothes, strollers, cribs and other necessities.

Elizabeth’s has launched an abstinence program called “Empowered by the Truth” which sends speakers out to the high schools. According to the June New Life News, the program reached over five thousand students in 2003.

Also located in the Elizabeth’s building is a private pediatrician who makes special arrangements to treat clients’ children. The New Life Center is providing every support necessary to make it easier for women to choose life for their babies and become responsible parents. They are definitely a prototype for the future as the truth of abortion is exposed and more women turn to pro-life centers for help in choosing life.

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