Rest in Peace, Greg Morrow

Greg Morrow, Early 80s

Greg Morrow at a picket of pro-abortion judge Prentice Marshal in the early 1980s

The pro-life community lost one of its stalwarts in May with the death of Greg Morrow. Greg became involved in pro-life work way back in 1970. Over the years, he talked hundreds of women out of abortion, attended thousands of protests, was arrested dozens of times, and even ran a crisis pregnancy center for a time in Virginia.

Greg was contentious, blunt, straightforward, excessively bright, organized and militant—an old-style defender of the faith. Greg stayed active to the end, attending the Helpers Mass and Vigil last April.

At his Requiem High Mass at St. Thomas More, Fr. Anthony Brankin said, “We will not see the like of Greg Morrow again.” We are afraid he is right. Greg was surely one-of-a-kind and we will all miss him.

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