Scheidler Honored at LEARN Midwest Conference

The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN) held its first annual Midwest regional conference April 24-26. The event, “Faith Essentials for Black Family Survival,” was hosted by the Lorimer Baptist Church in Dolton, IL.

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Rev. Johnny Hunter, Joe and Rev. Cesar LeFlore at the LEARN conference (note the fedora in Rev. Hunter’s hand)

Rev. Ceasar LeFlore III, the Director of LEARN Midwest, coordinated the conference, featuring presentations on the racist roots of Planned Parenthood, the effect of abortion on the Black community and the voice of the Black woman in the abortion discussion.

The workshops on Friday included presentations by Brother John R.C. Tyler, Barbara Thomas, Dr. John Diggs, Sylvia Johnson, Jim Sedlak and Dr. Pam Smith

Joe Receives Profile in Courage Award

On Friday evening, April 25, League Director Joe Scheidler was presented with the Profile in Courage award for his thirty years of pro-life activism and his perseverance throughout the NOW v. Scheidler lawsuit. Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director of LEARN, presented the award, first donning a black fedora—a playful reference to Scheidler’s trademark black hat.

Dr. Hunter and Joe Scheidler had traveled to South Africa in 1998 with Fr. Paul Marx on a pro-life speaking tour. During his introduction of Scheidler, Dr. Hunter remarked that at the airport check-ins he sailed right through, while Scheidler was selected for further scrutiny, because “he looks like a conspirator!” Hunter had been a witness in the 1998 NOW v. Scheidler trial in Chicago. He recounted his experience on the witness stand, under Fay Clayton’s tricky questioning.

Pro-Life Black Leadership Emerging

Pastor Levon Yuille of the National Black Pro-Life Leadership Council offered a powerful prayer and call to action at the close of the Friday evening session. Pastor Yuille hammered home the lesson that Christians cannot turn away from the reality that abortion is killing children and destroying society.

On Saturday, Akua Furlow gave a comprehensive presentation on the philosophy and scope of Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” and how Planned Parenthood is still targeting minorities with their population control projects and their promotion of abortion.

During Saturday’s luncheon session, Rev. Damon Clark Owens, national spokesman for LEARN, spoke about the importance of recognizing the devastating effects of contraception on society and on acknowledging the link between contraception and abortion, cloning, stem cell research and other attacks on the sanctity of life. Rev. Dr. Johnny M. Hunter, national director of LEARN was the keynote speaker during the luncheon and final session of the conference.

LEARN is emerging as a powerful force within the pro-life movement. As these Black leaders energize the African-American community to rise up against abortion, we should see a significant shift in public policy and the politics of abortion.

For more information on LEARN, contact the national headquarters at 1014 Vista Oaks, Palm Bay, FL 32905, or visit the LEARN website.

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