A Victory from God

Jubilant Joe Scheidler

Jubilant Joe Scheidler with a fraction of the congratulations he’s received posted on his office door
[Photo by Eric Scheidler]

As much as I have had some fun being known as a “Racketeer,” I am now happy to have been vindicated by the United States Supreme Court. I want to thank you for all of your prayers and your support during the long ordeal known as NOW v. Scheidler. This victory is from God. The 8-1 majority was even more than we had dared hope for. But when God wants to give you a victory, He makes it a big one.

I want to share this victory with you and invite you to join me in preparing for a new phase of activism. Pro-lifers all across the nation are already looking upon this victory as a mandate to step up all of their activities. There are already more pro-lifers coming out to the mills to do sidewalk counseling, a much larger prayer presence at the clinics, more Face the Truth Tours being planned as well as prospects for more protests against pro-abortion events and more and larger pickets of pro-abortion politicians.

June 7 Victory Celebration

American Eagle

Join us for “Bring America Back to Life,” our all-day gala Supreme Court Victory Celebration.
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America, I believe, is on the brink of a new appreciation of the value of human life, especially unborn human life. I believe we are on the cutting edge of a subtle but very clear shift in our attitudes. There is a palpable mood change in the country. Even the secular polls show it. We are starting to win.

We celebrate this victory together. It is a victory not just for the Pro-Life Action League and for me personally and for the other defendants, but it is a victory for the whole pro-life movement—indeed, for America. Thank you again for the sacrifices you have made and for all the prayers you have offered. We are honored to serve in the pro-life movement with you.

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