“Face The Truth” Inspire New Campaign

With the overall success of the Face the Truth tours, a new pro-life campaign has taken off full-throttle. Vote Life America (VLA), founded by long-time pro-life activists and League supporters Arlene Sawicki and Jim Finnegan, seeks to expose pro-abortion politicians – especially “Catholic” ones.

According to VLA’s web site, VoteLifeAmerica.com:

Inspired by the success of many Pro-Life activities across America, a group of Pro-Life leaders in Illinois have formed an action group named ‘VOTE LIFE AMERICA’ in order to bring the message of the tragedy and horror of abortion to our District Legislator’s offices and to demonstrate our outrage against their continuous support of the ‘culture of death.’

The posters and signs we carry show pictures of aborted babies, babies in various stages of in utero development, the ‘Weeping Christ,’ Life Chain signs and other public expressions of protest. Signs stating ‘This is What (name of Legislator) Voted For’ express our purpose of making known the pro-abort voting record of the targeted legislator to their district constituents because it is commonly known that most voters are not aware of their own legislator’s voting record . . .

Each district protest is coordinated by ‘Vote Life America’ representatives who live in the locale or who represent those in the area who protest the pro-abortion stand of the legislator or candidate.

‘Vote Life America’ is a grassroots effort to organize peaceful public demonstrations in the spirit of the First Amendment right to assembly and to expression. Vote Life America demonstrations will both educate and make an emphatic public statement to Pro-Abort legislators.

VLA also intends that these demonstrations will gather together pro-life voters and re-energize their devotion to life causes and their enthusiasm for pro-life candidates for public office.

As the VLA website explains:

We are also hopeful that through the public display of outrage our legislators and political party leaders will reconsider their thinking regarding the pain, horror and atrocity of abortion; an action that kills and continues to kill. Certainly the most heinous crime today against humanity.

‘Vote Life America’ believes that every American is granted the Constitutional INALIENABLE right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and hopes that someday America will return to upholding that sacred right to all human beings…especially to the most vulnerable and innocent child in the womb.

In just a matter of months after its inception, VLA garnered local and national media attention, with stories in The Wanderer, the National Catholic Register, the Daily Southtown (Chicago), and the Chicago Tribune.

Thomas More Society attorney Tom Brejcha represented VLA when the villages of Oak Forest and Palatine, Ill., attempted to prevent the protests from taking place, citing village ordinances that require permits for such demonstrations. (The pro-lifers were allowed to protest, although the matter hasn’t entirely been resolved.)

Local politicians picketed thus far have been: Ill. State Rep. Suzie Bassi, Ill. State Rep. Maggie Crotty, Rep. Mark Beaubien, Rep. Rosemary Kurtz, Rep. Patricia Lindner, Lt. Governor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Corinne Wood (picketed three times by PLAL, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and VLA!) and State Senator Christine Rodagno.

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