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Helping abortion-bound women choose life for their babies

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Get Involved Locally with Sidewalk Counseling

Is God calling you to become a peaceful witness for life at an abortion facility in your area? The Pro-Life Action League can help you answer this call with several helpful resources:

See also our "Know Your Rights" page for information on the legality of this critical pro-life witness. And for a general overview of sidewalk counseling, see the League's video and training packet, No Greater Joy.

National Sidewalk Counseling Map

To get involved in clinic prayer witness or sidewalk counseling, check this interactive map for contacts in your area. Just click on a blue marker for more information.

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National Sidewalk Counseling Map

To navigate this map use the zoom and arrow controls on the upper left corner of the map, or grab and move the map with your mouse. Click on the blue markers for information about who you should contact. Locations on the map are approximate.

Help Keep Our Sidewalk Counseling Map Up to Date

If you are involved in sidewalk counseling and your contact information is not on this map, or if your information changes or is in error, please contact us with updated information.

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Using Lawsuits Against Abortion Clinics to Help Women Choose Life

Showing women considering abortion lawsuits against the clinic where they've scheduled their abortion can be a powerful tool in helping them see the risks and reconsider their decision. This section offers resources on how to find lawsuits against your local clinic and how to use the information you find.

How to Find Lawsuits

Go to your county courthouse. Find the civil records division. Likely they'll have a computer there where you can look up lawsuits (usually there is staff available to help answer your questions, as well).

If you know the name of the abortionist you can search by name. If not, you can look by the name of the clinic. Search for that name as a defendant. If there are lawsuits, you will find them listed by case number and name.

Most courthouses have a form for you to fill out with your name and the number of the lawsuit you are interested in. Give this to the clerk. If it's a recent file, they may have it handy. If not, they may tell you they'll call you in a few days when the file comes in.

What to Do with the Information You Find

Once you have the file, make sure it's relevant. In some instances you may find an abortionist's name on failed gall bladder surgeries, and obviously you don't need or want that.

If you didn't know the name of the abortionist or their staff previously, you'll now have this information because they'll be listed as other parties in the lawsuit. Then you can go back to the computer and search again for them.

Make a copy of the entire complaint. This is what describes exactly what they are being sued for. Copies at courthouses can be expensive, but you want to make sure you have a copy of this available if questions are raised in the future.

After leaving the courthouse, you'll want to carefully read the complaint. Summarize the complaint into one paragraph, using first name and last initial for privacy reasons unless the woman involved died.

Be sure to use words like "charges" or "claims"—these are complaints that have been filed against the clinic, but the abortionist may or may not have been found guilty or the suit may have been dropped or settled out of court. Here are two samples from Family Planning Associates, a Chicago clinic where League staff regularly pray and counsel:

Case 00L008492
Maria Rodriguez died following an abortion March 25, 2000. Her mother sued, charging Dr. E. Steve Lichtenberg with perforating Maria's uterus during her abortion, which caused her to bleed to death. She left a four-year-old daughter. The lawsuit further charges that Dr. Lichtenberg and Family Planning Associates "carelessly failed to recognize the severity of her bleeding and failed to transfer her in a timely manner to a hospital" for emergency treatment.
Case 05L009803
Karen B., by her guardian, sued Dr. Darwin C. Jackson, certified nurse anesthetist Lawrence J. Hill, Family Planning Associates and Albany Medical-Surgical Center, charging that during the final procedure of a late-term abortion on March 10, 2005, nurse anesthetist Hill failed to place an endotracheal tube into Karen's airway. She was deprived of oxygen for 45 minutes and suffered brain anoxia, which has left her in an irreversible coma. She has 3 young children.
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"Pregnant? Worried?" Flyer to Hand Out at Abortion Clinics

Picture of the Pregnant, Worried flyer

The Pro-Life Action League has developed a flyer entitled "Pregnant? Worried?" which appeals to abortion-bound mothers on several levels and informs them that help is available. You can use this powerful piece of literature at your local abortion facility by downloading an editable PDF of "Pregnant Worried".

Once the file opens on your computer, click on the yellow question mark on page one for simple instructions on inserting information about local pregnancy resource centers.

The flyer also contains information on fetal development, the risks of abortion and other information that will help women choose life.

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