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Big Win for the League in Court’s Sandholm Ruling

Posted by Eric Scheidler (January 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm)

Illinois Supreme Court BuildlingToday the Illinois Supreme Court handed down a ruling [PDF] in Sandholm v. Kuecker, a libel case involving many of the same issues involved with my own libel suit against Planned Parenthood, Scheidler v. Trombley.

Both cases involve the Citizens Participation Act (CPA), enacted in 2007 to protect citizens from so-called “SLAPP” cases—”strategic lawsuits against political participation.” A SLAPP is a meritless lawsuit filed only to discourage free speech or protest activity. The plaintiff bringing the suit does not intend to win it in court, only to punish or intimidate the defendant by imposing the heavy costs of mounting a defense.

Background on the Two CPA Cases

In the Sandholm case, a former high school coach and athletic director, Steve Sandholm, sued a group of parents and a media company for libel and slander for statements they made during an ultimately successful effort to get him fired.

Sandholm’s case was dismissed by the trial court under the CPA, citing an earlier ruling by the judge in my case, Judith Brawka. [Continue reading …]

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What’s Steve Trombley Doing in Washington, D.C.?

Posted by Eric Scheidler (April 8, 2011 at 2:36 pm)

Steve Trombley at pro-abortion rallyWhile reading Jill Stanek’s piece on the lowly turnout for the pro-abortion “lobbying day” in Washington D.C., I noticed in one of the photos none other than Steve Trombley, former CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois.

As you may recall, Trombley was moved last year to Planned Parenthood’s affiliate in Northern New England, based in abortion-friendly Vermont, where he could do less harm to their “brand” (as national CEO Cecile Richards puts it).

Planned Parenthood’s Woes Began with Trombley

Trombley presided over the failed deception scheme whereby Planned Parenthood opened their first mega-abortuary in Aurora, Illinois, under the name of a front company.

Planned Parenthood’s public-image woes, which have ramped up considerably in the past six months, could be said to have begun right there in Aurora. [Continue reading …]

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31 Abortion Clinics Have Closed in the Past Year

Posted by John Jansen (December 2, 2010 at 3:51 pm)
Hope Clinic sign in Shreveport, LA

If it seems like there have been a lot of abortion clinics that have closed in the past year, that’s because there have been.

Per Jill Stanek, Operation Rescue notes that in the past year, 31 abortion facilities have closed [PDF]. (Nine new ones have since opened, for a net loss of 22.)

In 1991, there were almost 2,200 abortion clinics in the U.S. Today, the number stands at 689.

The reasons these for the spate of closures this past year are varied. Some have closed because the resident abortionist ran afoul of the law.

Others saw the handwriting on the wall and surrendered their medical license before the state could revoke it. [Continue reading …]

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