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League to Bring #PPSellsBabyParts National Day of Protest to Planned Parenthood in Aurora August 22

Posted by Eric Scheidler (July 27, 2015 at 1:42 pm)

NO to Planned ParenthoodThe Pro-Life Action League will be conducting a protest at the Planned Parenthood mega-center in Aurora, Illinois, on August 22 as part of a National Day of Protest against the abortion giant for its horrific practice of harvesting and selling body parts from aborted babies.

The League, along with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Created Equal and a growing coalition of pro-life groups, is calling for a National Day of Protest on Saturday, August 22 at Planned Parenthood centers from coast to coast. The protests will declare, “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts!” to raise public awareness of this scandalous practice, which was recently brought to light in a series of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress.

The League is inviting Chicago-area pro-lifers to attend a #PPSellsBabyParts protest at the Planned Parenthood mega-center in Aurora Illinois as part of this nationwide effort:

Signs will be provided for all who attend, and a flyer about this latest Planned Parenthood scandal will be distributed to passersby.

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Planned Parenthood Client Swerves at Teen after Monthly Protest in Aurora, IL

Posted by League Staff (February 18, 2013 at 3:59 pm)

February monthly protest at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, ILA crowd of over 50 pro-lifers gathered on a cold, windy winter morning last Saturday to protest Planned Parenthood’s “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois as they have every third Saturday for over five years now.

Among them was a group from Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) in nearby Arlington Heights, Illinois. The group of students has taken to coming out on third Saturdays to protest, pray and offer help to abortion-bound moms through sidewalk counseling.

Several of the young ladies from this group even spoke at the TeenSpeak teen pro-life conference earlier this month about their sidewalk counseling ministry. The talk was inspiring for many of the students present. [Continue reading …]

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Pro-Life Protest at Marie Stopes, Dublin, Ireland

Posted by Matt Yonke (November 15, 2010 at 2:50 pm)

Pro-Life Protest at Marie Stopes, Dublin

Last week, League Executive Director Eric Scheidler traveled to Dublin, Ireland to speak at the Viva la Vida youth conference put on by Irish pro-life leaders Youth Defence.

While he was there for the conference, Eric joined Stand True Ministries‘ Bryan Kemper in leading a group of students from across Europe in some American-style pro-life activism outside the Marie Stopes abortion referral center in Dublin.

Eric took some video of the protest that we’re happy to share with you here. He was especially excited to meet the vibrant, motivated young people from Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland and elsewhere you’ll see in the video who were so energized to fight abortion in their homelands.

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Fox Valley Pro-Lifers Show Their Stuff

Posted by Eric Scheidler (August 23, 2010 at 4:55 pm)

Monthly protest at PP Aurora, August 2010 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]The pro-life community of Illinois’ Fox Valley showed what it’s made of this past Saturday during the monthly protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora, with a strong showing of 70 activists. We’ve held this protest every third Saturday of the month since November 2007.

August can be a tough time for pro-life activism, with summer vacations, high temperatures and back-to-school responsibilities tending to dampen participation.

Fox Valley Pro-Lifers Rise to the Challenge

So I issued a challenge to Fox Valley pro-lifers to make a special effort to come out for Saturday’s protest. I e-mailed them about the great turnout at the Rockford, Illinois Face the Truth Day earlier in the month, and said I’d hate to see the Fox Valley outdone. [Continue reading …]

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Don’t Be Fooled by the Cross on the Roof

Posted by League Staff (May 3, 2010 at 12:22 pm)

Children praying for an end to abortion [Photo by Dan Gura]
Every month, for over 30 years, pro-lifers affiliated with the Pro-Life Action League have witnessed for life in front of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital which, despite the cross on the roof, continues to perform abortions.

The tradition of prayerful protest continues this Saturday when we will again line Dempster Street to expose their dark secret.

We are having an impact

Last year a doctor, who asked not to be named, came down to thank us for being there and said¬† “they” know we are there and “they” are not very happy about it.¬† She urged us to never stop until the hospital stops aborting healthy babies (the hospital performs “selective reduction” abortions and abortions on minor girls without parental notification). [Continue reading …]

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Wintery First Day of Spring Heightens Pro-Life Witness

Posted by Eric Scheidler (March 22, 2010 at 11:35 am)
PP Protest in the snow, March 20, 2010

Eric Scheidler heads up the picket line in Aurora Mar 20 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The first day of spring was a chilly, windy, sloppy one in Aurora, Illinois, but the warmth of spring burned brightly in the hearts of the sixty activists who joined me to protest Planned Parenthood. Far from dampening turnout, the miserable weather had only inspired us all to make our monthly witness outside the “Abortion Fortress.”

Drivers passing by on New York Avenue must have been astonished to see such a determined protest going on in the high winds and driving snow. We received many complimentary honks and thumbs up. [Continue reading …]

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